Sim Services and Telenor Connexion team up to answer to M2M market needs

Sim Services and Telenor Connexion team up to answer to M2M market needs

Customers across Europe will benefit from SIM Services market insight and the premium M2M solutions provided by Telenor Connexion.

SIM Services, a Dutch-based M2M service provider, and Telenor Connexion, the leading provider of premium M2M solutions for business and life critical applications, today announced a joint partnership to answer to the needs of the fast growing M2M market in Europe.

Under the partnership, Telenor Connexion will provide SIM Services with a wireless connectivity solution, including SIM-card management tools. Together with SIM Services M2M offering and their experience within multiple verticals this allows for flexible and future proof solutions.

SIM Services in-depth M2M know-how and knowledge of the local markets were the main reason for selecting them as a long-term partner to address the increasing business opportunities in Europe”, says Marlene Häggström, Head of Partner Management at Telenor Connexion.

Our customers require a partner who can assist in combining the right hardware and software partners. Through this new partnership our customers benefit from optimal connectivity based on Telenor Connexion’s premium solution made possible by their M2M experience, and the proactive service awareness they exemplify. SIM Services is more than a reseller, we have the market insight to find the right solution for the customers at the right price”, says Rutger Stekelenburg, CEO of SIM Services.

Under the agreement SIM Services will be able to offer customized solutions, particularly with regards to multi-operator coverage in The Netherlands, but also in other parts of Europe.

With the collaboration both partners expect to expand their market shares in the expanding M2M market. The partnership is effective from May first 2011.

About Sim Services
Sim Services is a full-service M2M connectivity partner. Besides delivery of SIM-cards, advice and service, we offer secure delivery of your mobile M2M data including monitoring of your SIM-cards. SIM Services is a flexible customer-focused organisation with high skills on M2M mobile connectivity. We closely operate in a network of specialized companies, each playing its vital role in the ICT industry. If needed, SIM Services, on behalf of the customer, will involve its network to find the solution that most fits the customer’s needs.
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