Numerex builds UK presence to tap European M2M market growth

Company opens new international business development office in London, and partners with Arkessa, an established UK M2M service provider.

Numerex Corp, a leading single source provider of secure machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, today announced the opening of its London office and a collaboration with Arkessa Limited, to foster Numerex’s advance in the European M2M market.

Arkessa, headquartered in Cambridge, England, is an established presence in the M2M market in the United Kingdom and provides European systems integrators and major corporate users with wide area wireless internet connections and services that enable remote information and management for a multitude of users.

The European M2M market is showing visible signs of rapid improvement, driven by a favorable regulatory environment and increased awareness of the technology capabilities. In a recent announcement, International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that “the European machine-to-machine (M2M) market is quickly recovering from the economic crisis of 2008–2009 and is starting to prosper again with growth rates exceeding 12% over the 2010–2015 period” (IDC press release of February 28, 2011).

Arkessa provides European systems integrators and corporate users with cellular-based wireless internet connectivity and data services, enabling the connection, control and management of remote systems and equipment for a multitude of users across borders and applications.  The critical factors leading to Numerex’s selection of Arkessa as a partner in Europe were its market presence and focus on pervasive, secure, and reliable connectivity, which allows its users to extract information from the harvested data in real-time.

Arkessa provides Numerex with a proven, solid, European presence that delivers a package of additional data service capabilities coupled with market reach and insight.  Our customers will also benefit from access to highly reliable and rapidly available M2M turnkey solutions developed through, by and with Numerex,” stated Ian Orrock, Executive Chairman of Arkessa.

Through partnerships with wireless carriers and infrastructure providers, we have built a seamless and ubiquitous M2M development platform, which has contributed to establishing a robust international service offering,” said Louis Fienberg, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development of Numerex.

The growing interest in our products and services received from the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, has led us to strengthen our presence in that market. With the addition of Arkessa’s expertise and our London office, we are now in a much better position to respond quickly and effectively to European customers’ needs.

As an integral part of this strategic relationship, Numerex has acquired a minority stake in Arkessa. Funds will be used to support Arkessa’s expanding business development initiatives.

The Numerex UK office is headed by Simon Glassman, a telecommunications veteran with a broad and deep experience and knowledge of the European M2M industry acquired with market leaders such as TomTom, Symbian, and Unisys.

The Numerex European expansion will focus on presenting Numerex’s products and services combined with Arkessa’s, to the European market, and developing relationships with European companies interested in extending their M2M activities using the Numerex platform in the North American market and beyond.

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