Cernium and Sprint to Offer CheckVideo-Sprint 3G Intelligent Video Surveillance and Alarm Verification Solution

Breakthrough Wireless Video Security Solution Transforms Cameras Into Crime-Foiling Intelligent Sensors and Allows Them to Be Placed Virtually Anywhere an Intruder Could Enter.

Cernium and Sprint announced today they will offer CheckVideo|Sprint 3G, the first intelligent, wireless mobile broadband video surveillance and alarm verification solution.

CheckVideo|Sprint 3G is a powerful combination of Sprint’s secure and reliable nationwide wireless network and CheckVideo’s edge-based advanced video analytics technology and software as a service (SaaS).

CheckVideo|Sprint 3G transforms ordinary security cameras into a proactive solution that sends critical, real-time video alerts users can act on to verify and prioritize alarms, stop crimes in progress and reduce false-alarm fines. It “watches” every camera 24/7 for events of interest and extends the security perimeter, protecting outdoor and remote areas that are too cost-prohibitive to monitor with conventional video surveillance systems.

CheckVideo’s advanced technology, together with Sprint’s expansive wireless mobile broadband network, means cameras can now be placed virtually anywhere at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems,” said Philip Robertson, vice president, Security and Alarm Division, Cernium Corporation. “CheckVideo|Sprint 3G also easily adds on to existing security systems, and Sprint’s proven anti-jamming and eavesdropping technology provides the added benefit of highly secure wireless transport.

The Sprint 3G network provides multiple layers of enhanced security and protection against wireless jamming and eavesdropping, compared to the weaker air link security of legacy GSM technology used by many other carriers.

Sprint is committed to M2M security, and we’re excited to expand our solutions portfolio with CheckVideo|Sprint 3G,” said Wayne Ward, vice president, Sprint Emerging Solutions Group. “CheckVideo|Sprint 3G surpasses traditional video surveillance by enabling customers to extend and reinforce the security perimeter and protect more effectively, while not disturbing their existing IT infrastructure.

CheckVideo|Sprint 3G is remotely managed from the CheckVideo Web portal, making it easy to expand the system across geographic locations. Users can log on to the CheckVideo Web portal to view live, recorded or alarm video from any camera in the system, at any time and from anywhere within the Sprint 3G nationwide coverage area. Video alerts of user-defined events of interest are based on the presence of a person or vehicle, not just motion, and can be sent to email addresses, smartphones, the secure CheckVideo Web portal, or professional central monitoring services.

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