CradlePoint Releases New Generation 4G/3G Business-Series Compact Broadband Routers for M2M

Performance, security and reliability increased by significant feature enhancements

CradlePoint today announced the launch of its latest wave of business series compact routers.

Designed for a variety of M2M applications, both the CBR400 and CBR450 provide advanced support for distributed operations and emerging industries that require flexible, reliable and secure access such as temporary internet applications, additional network bandwidth or for kiosks, digital signage, and other Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.

With new and continually evolving business models, we realize how critical it is for businesses to keep their remotely deployed resources connected at all times,” said Brian Espy, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “We’ve developed the CBR400 and CBR450 routers to meet today’s business demands – simply and securely connecting businesses to wireless or wired networks all at price points that can help drive the expanding market.

Both broadband routers are able to empower a variety of business applications including video surveillance, digital signage, kiosks, in-home health care, utility or sensor monitoring, remote and teleworker offices and branch offices that need remote primary access, or a backup connection in case of network failure. Compact in size, both the CBR400 and CBR450 are ideal for small enclosures such as ATMs, kiosks, POS systems and vehicles to support Internet access via 4G/3G mobile broadband networks.

CBR400 features include:

  • Supports both WiFi-enabled and ethernet-enabled devices
  • WiFi as WAN: ability to use an existing WiFi source for Internet and rebroadcast as secure network
  • Two WiFi SSIDs: one private for the owner, and one public for guest connections
  • Up to 16 WiFi connections at a time
  • 802.1 ‘N’ WiFi with 2×2 MIMO for enhanced performance and coverage
  • Built-in VPN termination allows secure connectivity to corporate servers
  • Ability to detect an Internet outage and switch to the wireless 3G/4G Internet, allowing critical business applications to run 24×7

CBR450 features include:

  • Non-WiFi version facilitates applications that require PCI and HIPAA compliance, offering a solution to customers needing additional security or situations where WiFi is prohibited
  • One Ethernet LAN port for the attached device
  • Operation in either router or bridge mode
  • “Bridge mode” in which the CBR450 can “pass through” the IP address provided by the 4G/3G wireless network directly to the attached device.
  • Built-in VPN termination allows secure connectivity to private corporate networks
  • “Router mode” which provides traditional networking functionality such as DHCP or statically-assigned IP addresses

CradlePoint routers are built to work with most popular wireless USB data Modems from leading carriers: AT&T, Bell Canada, Clearwire, Cricket, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, & Virgin Mobile, as well as most Cable and DSL providers (modem and service sold separately).

The CBR400 Business-Series Compact Broadband Router (WiFi) is listed at $179.99 MSRP.

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