Orga Systems claim to enhance customer experience through flexible M2M services

Preparing for an M2M world with 2.5 billion device connections by 2020

Machine-to-machine communication enables equipment anywhere in the world to provide data on its own status, relay other information and be remotely controlled. There has been notable growth in the adoption of M2M communications, which is a significant type of application and an emerging sector transforming customer experience. Leading analysts forecast an annual growth of 40-50 %.

Maximizing revenues in hypercompetitive markets

Mobile carriers must keep in mind that much flexibility is required in order to maximize revenues in a hypercompetitive market. Operators will have to adapt their business models as soon as possible to sell more value-added data application on top of access services. While services in healthcare, transportation and finance are growing, the industry sector utility is booming with M2M device connections reaching the 1 billion mark by 2010. Driven by an increase of customer demands, especially by smart phones, real-time capabilities are the key to success. Understanding the result of this trend, meaning to endorse a new value chain and investing in real-time efficiency, ensures profitability.

Providing businesses with customized solutions in real-time

Orga Systems’ M2M solutions are designed in such a way that they integrate the M2M services and products deep into clients’ IT processes and value chains. They also manage connectivity by controlling and diagnosing the status of connections as well as ensuring constant monitoring and administration. Orga Systems’ flexible tariff configuration and simulation features provide easy to use means to launch these offers and service bundles. Its real-time capabilities are the common basis to promote profitable M2M business.

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