Yutong Bus uses Nokia Siemens Networks telematics applications

Nokia Siemens Networks has signed a contract with Yutong Bus company Ltd, to provide a machine to machine (M2M) service platform and develop various telematics applications.

Telematics applications enable exclusive services such as emergency response, fleet management and remote diagnostics for Yutong buses leading to transport services.

The telematics applications aim to provide a number of benefits via software as a service (SaaS) business model. For example, one of the applications aims to allow Yutong Bus monitoring center to analyze vehicles remotely and subsequently arrange for a mechanic to repair the vehicle, automatically providing the correct replacement parts. A further application will conduct remote analysis of vehicle data to proactively detect and fix issues before they impact bus efficiency or performance. Telematics will also enable automatic emergency response, allowing the driver to call for help with the single push of a button inside the vehicle, in case of an emergency. As a result, customer service center can be alerted with GPS coordinates and emergency services can automatically be dispatched.

For fleet management, telematics applications can allow service centers to track the routes taken by each bus and optimize them. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks’ telematics SaaS also aims to improve Yutong’s navigation system. In the new, assisted navigation service, customer service representatives can feed destinations remotely into buses and help to avoid congestion or road closures, enabling a smooth and more convenient journey.

All these applications will be built on Nokia Siemens Networks’ M2M service management platform. The company will also offer its consulting and system integration services.

While the automobile industry has a lot to gain from the adoption of telematics, the high investment in hardware infrastructure and software licenses have so far been a big deterrent,” said Wang Shengjun, chief information officer, Yutong Bus. “The telematics applications via a service model are ideal for keeping initial investments and risks low while at the same time offering us an opportunity to greatly improve customer experience. The applications that Nokia Siemens Networks is developing for us will go a long way in helping us to increase our production and enter new segments such as trucking.“.

This is a breakthrough deal since it marks our entry into a very promising market segment of M2M,” added Markus Borchert, head of customer operations of the Greater China region at Nokia Siemens Networks. “It highlights our capabilities in offering a comprehensive M2M solution suite for the automotive industry coupled with opening up new, potential opportunities in the enterprise segment.

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