Option unveils the GlobeSurfer III+

Easy to use, secure and “carry-on” high speed Internet & network solution selected by Turkcell

Option, the wireless technology company, today announced the GlobeSurfer® III+, the new and next generation of mobile broadband 3G routers.

Being very portable, not bigger than a regular book, and with Plug ‘n Play connectivity, this new 3G router is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to share a 3G connection with multiple users via the router’s powerful Wi-Fi connection. As such the GlobeSurfer III+ is a perfect fit for a wide range of uses such as sharing a 3G connection at home or in a mobile office or any kind of “mobile home or office” like a boat or caravan, holiday homes or a construction site where a single 3G connection needs to be shared with several family members or colleagues. Its smooth and smart design makes it look good in both home and office, either on a desktop, a table or wall-mounted. The new product is currently being shipped to Turkcell, the leading communications and technology company in Turkey.

Building on the trusted and proven GlobeSurfer series the new product incorporates the latest Option know-how, giving it a great boost in performance, efficiency and user-friendliness. The wireless router can be used worldwide (quad-band) and offers high speed connectivity to the Internet reaching download and upload speeds of up to 14.4Mbps and 5.76Mbps.

The GlobeSurfer III+ is easy to use, with just two buttons and an easily understandable large colour front panel. Its web user interface has been split into two sections: the main section for users who require basic features such as SMS, telephone, quick set-up and security while the other section is for the IT administrator who eventually would need sophisticated and advanced functions.

File and Printer sharing is also very easy. Centralized hard drives and printers, both connected to the USB port, make it easy for users to backup or share files and conveniently print documents. Music and movies can be streamed across the network. The GlobeSurfer III+ is ideal for the family home but it is also an excellent business router with a full suite of security tools, firewall functionality and support for ADSL failover to ensure the continuity of connection. For example when the router is connected to a fixed Internet connection the GlobeSurfer III+ continuously checks the communication line and automatically switches to the 3G network in case of failure. It also automatically reconnects to the fixed Internet connection when restored.

The GlobeSurfer III+ comes with full telephone functionality, including composing, reading and managing SMS text messages. Having excellent compatibility with telephone standards you can attach it to an ordinary telephone and get complete management of calls with functions such as call hold or divert. New text messages and missed calls are conveniently flagged on the front panel display.

Edwin Ingelaere, General Manager Business Unit Mobile Devices & Solutions, commented: “With the launch of the GlobeSurfer III+ we did not only include the latest 3G technologies but also added a lot of Option’s know-how in terms of wireless security, user interface software and ways to increase the user experience. This type of product will further help our customers, mobile operators and ICT distributors, to meet the demand for innovative and easy-to-use mobile broadband connectivity solutions for both consumers and business users.

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