SENTRY 400 FlightSafe Accepted for Use by Southwest Airlines Cargo

OnAsset Intelligence Announces Its Patented SENTRY Devices That Track and Monitor High Value Shipments is Now Supported by Southwest Airlines Cargo.

OnAsset Intelligence, a leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless asset tracking solutions, today announced that Southwest Airlines Co. is now accepting cargo shipments containing OnAsset’s SENTRY 400 FlightSafe™ device, to provide location, environmental sensing and monitoring of temperature-sensitive and high value cargo.

With more than 3,400 flights each day, Southwest Airlines Cargo provides fast and secure delivery of high-value cargo including temperature sensitive items such as medical and pharmaceutical products. By utilizing OnAsset’s SENTRY technology, companies shipping product with Southwest can now achieve full chain-of-custody and quality assurance tracking on all Southwest flights.

We have worked with OnAsset for more than a year to evaluate their technology and are happy to accept the GPS device within our Customer’s shipments,” says Wally Devereaux, Director of Cargo Sales & Marketing for Southwest Airlines. “Our first and foremost objective with our Customers is to provide excellent service and we believe the visibility to cargo shipments provided by the SENTRY FlightSafe device fits within our core objectives.

The SENTRY 400 is a highly advanced wireless, personal electronic device (PED) that includes multiple sensors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, location, and vibration with additional patented intelligence, FlightSafe™. This feature enables the device to use multiple modes of sensing and proprietary logic to operate with the necessary intelligence to automatically suppress its wireless radios to an “off” mode, ensuring safe and FAA compliant operation during flight. Intelligent radio suppression is a patented feature and unique to SENTRY, making it the only wireless device capable of turning its radio on and off without human intervention.

SENTRY has completed evaluations by Southwest’s Maintenance; Flight Operations; Safety and Security; Ground Operations; and Engineering Teams. It has also satisfied stringent testing requirements by an independent laboratory and per the FAA, satisfies all current regulatory requirements.

Many companies that we work with that utilize SENTRY for ground operations also have air operations and ship with Southwest Airlines today,” said Adam Crossno, President and CEO of OnAsset Intelligence. “We are thrilled to enable those customers to now ship SENTRY FlightSafe with Southwest Airlines Cargo making the SENTRY a single device platform available for all modes of freight, including ground, ocean, and air.

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