WIMM Unveils Wearable Platform

The module offers a small form factor, color touch screen, Internet connectivity, and custom app store to enable a wide range of new wearable devices.

WIMM Labs announced details of its wearable platform, as well as the upcoming availability of a limited number of WIMM One Developer Preview Kits.

The platform will usher in a new era of innovation for wearable technology with the support of WIMM investors and partners, a network of independent developers, and the imagination of brand licensees.

There’s an increasing demand for digital experiences that are faster, easier, and more relevant. WIMM Labs integrates information into your daily life in the form of useful, subtle glances,” said Dave Mooring, WIMM Labs Chief Executive Officer.

To achieve that, we’ve created an incredibly powerful, yet small, modular device that can be embedded into a wide variety of consumer products. Combined with customizable applications and a branded Web interface, the WIMM Labs platform gives licensees the ability to create more personal, intuitive, and valuable connections with customers,” concluded Mooring.

The WIMM Platform

Fundamental to the WIMM Platform is an elegant, simple touch screen interface that hides the complexity and power of the underlying technology. The WIMM module can be loaded with a variety of Android-based micro apps created by using an open SDK. In addition, it works seamlessly with Android, Blackberry, and iOS devices. For the partner, it offers an open platform that’s easily customizable; for the consumer, it offers always-on information at a glance.

Mobile devices are proliferating, but there’s still an unmet need for convenient and immediate access to information as part of the flow of daily life on the go,” commented William Stofega at IDC.

The WIMM Labs team has put together a thoughtful approach to address this need and ultimately grow the wearable technology category. With a strong development and manufacturing partner, a ready-to-go micro app store, and having key developers onboard early, they are poised to capitalize on where their predecessors have tripped up in the past.

The WIMM Module features:

  • Always-On Access—Dynamic activity feeds and alerts on a 1.4 in. display
  • Full-Color Touch Screen—Rich visual experiences and effortless navigation
  • Robust Connectivity—Connects to Internet via Wi-Fi; Bluetooth pairing
  • Accelerometer and Magnetometer—Built in sensors for accurate motion tracking
  • Web-based Management—Manage device and add applications through any desktop or mobile device

The module will come pre-loaded with a library of custom watch faces and core micro apps, including caller ID, SMS preview, lost phone warning, calendar, weather, world clock, and more.

With the WIMM Platform, the possibilities for licensees are nearly endless. Early scenarios include an ultimate athlete watch, business command and control devices, payment automation, and advanced health monitoring.

A Turnkey Solution for Licensees

The WIMM Platform integrates hardware, app tools, and web services into a highly scalable product development model. WIMM Labs can quickly take licensees from product incubation and testing to full-scale manufacturing and sales.

Opportunity for Developers

The WIMM Platform offers developers an opportunity to work with familiar Android tools to develop WIMM micro apps and generate new revenue streams. While the public SDK will be available later in Q3, the company is already collaborating with a handpicked set of developers on core applications, as well as applications specific to key categories.

Working on the WIMM Platform allows us to attack a new market segment,” said Gligor Dacevski of CreationPal, developer of SportyPal.

Because the WIMM device is always on and always attached to the body, our fitness app on the WIMM Platform helps athletes in the gym or on the field, giving them immediate guidance and feedback on their workout.

Our application on the WIMM Platform controls presentations and music more easily and conveniently than single-function remote controls or smartphone apps. With the swipe of a finger or flick of a wrist, the device is simultaneously intuitive and sophisticated,” said Philip Bergqvist of Unified Remote, who is developing a WIMM micro app to control PowerPoint, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and more on Windows computers.

WIMM One Developer Preview Kit Availability

The WIMM One Developer Preview Kit and SDK will be available in Q3 2011.

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