Daviscomms selects u-blox dual GPS/GSM modules for Personal Tracker

ziTRAC 2000 tracker and emergency alert targeted at professionals and consumers

u-blox, the Swiss positioning and wireless chip and module company, has been chosen for global positioning and GSM wireless technologies by Daviscomms, an established OEM/ODM provider of advanced personal tracking devices. The EaziTRAC 2000 personal tracker integrates u-blox’ LEON GSM and AMY GPS modules.

The EaziTRAC 2000 is a pocket-size Personal Tracking and Emergency Alert Device targeted for civil defence, fire and police forces as well as for mass markets such as employees, hikers, children and the elderly where personnel safety, security and recovery is critical.

Selecting u-blox as our wireless modem and GPS receiver provider made sense on many levels” said SK Chong, Executive Director of Daviscomms.

u-blox provides complementary GPS/GSM technologies, as well as ultra-small SMT modules, low-power consumption and high sensitivity to give our personal tracking solutions their market-leading size and performance.

We are pleased that Daviscomms recognized the numerous design advantages of our tightly-coupled GPS and GSM module technologies” said Adrian Tan, General Manager of u-blox Asia.

u-blox has invested significantly in the seamless interoperation of GPS and 2G/3G technologies to support precisely this type of compact, high-performance, mission-critical application.

The EaziTRAC 2000 allows the device or user to be tracked or located on demand via SMS or Internet. It can also communicate via GPRS data, GSM voice (inbound and fixed outbound voice calls), and the POCSAG paging network. There is also a digital input and output port to communicate with other peripheral devices, and motion detector. It also supports remote Over-the-Air (OTA) device configuration.

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