SensorLogic Launches a New Release of its M2M Platform for Wireless Asset Management, Security, Smart Package Tracking and Insurance Telematics

New Product Release Accelerates M2M Application Development and Deployment

Today, SensorLogic, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based platforms that speed development and deployment of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, announced Version 3.4 of its SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform.

This release adds many new features that enhance support for the development of wireless applications such as insurance telematics, smart package tracking, security, and asset monitoring and management. New features include: integration with GSM wireless provisioning systems, trip, route, geofence and shipment services, hybrid location services, and support for advanced tracking and monitoring devices.

The emerging “Internet of Things” that connects people and businesses with the physical world through intelligent devices and sensors is driving the need for new M2M software applications across all industries. Enterprises, systems integrators, network operators and original equipment manufacturers are challenged to exploit this opportunity given the complex skills and technologies required to develop and deploy feature-rich, scalable, maintainable, and global M2M solutions.

The SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform addresses these problems by providing a commercial foundation that includes all of the core software services and open device management infrastructure required for M2M applications. SensorLogic moves M2M complexity into the cloud, helping companies focus their scarce development resources on their unique added value.

Now that intelligent devices are increasingly connected, enterprises, OEMs and network operators are hungry for new applications that can deliver valuable managed services to their customers. SensorLogic is helping proliferate this next generation of M2M by providing the infrastructure that every application needs as an easy-to-use, cloud-based Web Service,” said Paul Henderson, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for SensorLogic.

Our latest Version 3.4 continues to expand our Platform with customer-driven features that help companies lower cost of ownership and improve time-to-market for future-proofed M2M applications that will grow with their businesses.

The SensorLogic Platform 3.4

The SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform Version 3.4 offers a full range of services for M2M applications. These services include open device communications and protocol translation, device data storage and management, configurable business rules and complex event processing, location-based services with geospatial triggers, alerts and notifications, secure device group management, data warehousing, and reporting.

Users’ M2M applications interact with the SensorLogic Platform through Web Services APIs (application programming interfaces) that can be accessed via any programming language or application framework.

New features in Version 3.4 include:

  • Wireless provisioning system integration – To simplify device administration by M2M applications, SensorLogic has added new APIs to bring GSM wireless SIM provisioning into a unified device management process. Now applications can simply add a device to the system while the Platform orchestrates all the complex steps for SIM and device provisioning, including activation, rate plan selection, and network and reporting profile settings. SensorLogic has several integrations already supported with major mobile network operators and third-party provisioning systems, and can easily expand support on demand.
  • Hybrid location services – Precise location determination can be challenging given the varied radio conditions under which M2M devices operate. The SensorLogic Platform offers a full range of location services that leverage device information, SensorLogic databases and partner resources spanning GPS, assisted-GPS, international Cell ID, and enhanced Cell ID. Further, SensorLogic hybrid location services simplify location technologies for developers by automatically balancing time, accuracy and cost to provide the best available location information per the application’s needs.
  • Trip, route and shipment services – Telematics, security and smart packaging applications have unique requirements for monitoring and triggering events from specialty devices. This new platform release builds on existing business logic and complex event services with new telematics and tracking services. These new features capture vehicle ignition on/off signals, define and monitor delivery routes, and better manage shipments with automated departure, destination, and trespass point time and location events.
  • Sophisticated geofence services – Geofences are virtual perimeters around physical objects or addresses that are used to notify the application or user when an asset comes within or crosses the defined boundary. Version 3.4 builds on existing radial and polygonal geofence services to add route geofence services. This new Platform service interfaces with third-party routing systems to acquire desired route specifications and then auto-generates and monitors special geofences that applications can use to determine if, when and where a shipment or vehicle strays outside of predefined delivery routes.
  • Extended tracking device support – Version 3.4 continues to add to the library of available supported devices with additional telematics and tracking devices from popular manufacturers. The SensorLogic Platform includes support for automotive OBD II-compatible devices used in insurance telematics and security applications. It also includes support for a variety of new, intelligent sensing devices used in smart packaging and asset management solutions.

SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform Release 3.4 is available now from SensorLogic and its authorized distribution partners.

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