Quarterwave Ltd announce miniature, PCB antenna for embedded GSM/GPRS communications

Quarterwave Ltd, the U.K based specialist of Antennas and RF cabling for wireless M2M and mobile communication applications today released the Gamma E1, their smallest quad band antenna for operation with GSM/GPRS cellular engines.

Measuring just 36x13mm, Gamma E1 is a miniature ¼ wave dipole antenna, allowing a direct “plug and play” connection without additional tuning circuitry. Available with UFL, GSC or MXTK connector options, Gamma E1 ensures suitability with quad band GSM/GPRS cellular engines fitted with the corresponding board mounted connector.

Designed for use in embedded equipment where space is a constraint, Gamma E1 provides a VSWR ratio of sub 2:1 across the 824 – 960MHz and 1710 – 1990MHz frequencies at a maximum 2dBi gain. Ideally suited for mounting to the inside of non metallic enclosure, the antenna is vertically polarised and is tested for use in wireless M2M (machine to machine) and telemetry devices such as cellular panic alarms, covert and data logging applications.

Graham Merry of Quarterwave Ltd comments:

The small size of Gamma E1 and its ability to operate without matching circuitry enables designers to select the antenna, knowing it can be designed in quickly to operate with todays cellular modules. Additionally, with the recent EU announcement about European 4G frequency requirements, Gamma E1 lends itself well to being future proof for designers with one eye on emerging market trends”.

Gamma E1 is available to order now from Quarterwave directly.

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