Sensinode and Telenor Objects Team Up On Internet of Things

Collaboration Will Integrate Embedded Web Services On Telenor Shepherd™ Cloud M2M Platform

Sensinode Ltd., a leading provider of software that powers the Internet of Things, today announced collaboration with the Telenor Objects unit of the Telenor Group.

Telenor Objects will add support for Sensinode’s NanoServices TM solution to its Shepherd TM Managed M2M Services. Additionally, Sensinode has joined the Telenor Objects partner network.

The Shepherd platform is a cloud-based solution that allows applications to monitor and control networks of connected objects, such as GPS devices, temperature sensors and heart rate monitors, to give a few examples.

Sensinode’s solutions enable development and support of device networks built around the IPv6 protocol and Embedded Web Services. With integration into Shepherd, connected objects that utilize 6LoWPAN and CoAP (the IETF-standard for efficient IPv6 and M2M web services) can be readily integrated into the Shepherd platform.

Telenor Objects is commited to providing M2M services with telecom network quality,” said Hans Christian Haugli, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Objects. 

“Every part of our service architecture must operate with the robustness and reliability of traditional voice and data communications, and provide a future-proof path based on concepts of open, standards-based networks.”

The Sensinode NanoService solution provides end-to-end web services optimized for the unique constraints of M2M deployments. It provides a directory and semantic lookup of the web resources of each node, provides transparent proxy services between the traditional large-resource  Internet and constrained-resource protocols, and supports an eventing (asynchronous push) model that is critical to the effectiveness of Embedded Web applications. Sensinode provides NanoService Device Libraries for C, C++, Java and Android based platforms, enabling rapid integration of embedded devices with web applications.

Sensinode and Telenor Objects have a common vision of how connected devices will drive innovative services and the key role of managed services in orchestrating The Internet of Things,” said Adam Gould, Chief Executive Officer of Sensinode. 

Shepherd is a superb platform for service delivery and we are very excited about working with Telenor Objects to make NanoServices a part of this solution architecture.

Applications in the emerging Smart Grid, home monitoring and security, eHealth, street lighting and many other industrial/consumer segments involving wireless sensing and control are readily accommodated by the Telenor Objects and Sensinode solution.

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