Honeywell Subsidiary Trend France Collaborates with Digi International to Equip Its Energy Controllers with Cellular Connectivity

The Digi Connect WAN cellular router enables Trend to improve remote energy management of buildings.

Trend France, a subsidiary of Honeywell, and Digi International today announced a strategic alliance to integrate the Digi Connect WAN cellular router into Trend IQ3xcite controllers.

Dalkia, one of Europe’s leading providers of energy services for local authorities and businesses, has already used more than 270 of the Digi-enabled controllers in its installations across France.

Intended principally for building energy management systems, the controller IQ3xcite is a modular device enabling the automation and control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Already equipped with an Ethernet connection RJ45, Trend added a cellular connection with the integration of the Digi Connect WAN. The added wireless connectivity facilitates easier and faster deployment of the application and enables the system to be truly mobile. It also allows the controllers to benefit from lower installation and operational costs while having a more reliable data transfer for a better monitoring for energy saving.

Olivier Fillot, Business Development Manager for Trend France, explains:

We met with Digi when we identified the need for building maintenance companies to integrate simpler and less expensive communications solutions. The implementation of our controllers is often made in critical environments (boiler rooms, premises in basements, etc.) where the installation of an ADSL line is either impossible or not practical as it would mean a costly and complicated process. So, we decided to integrate cellular connectivity to our controllers, creating a more convenient solution due to the swifter installation time and much lower implementation and communication costs. Digi, as the recognized leader in the wireless communications marketplace, seemed to be the ideal company to work with us on this project.

The Digi SureLink functionality included in the Digi Connect WAN enables a reliable GSM connection with the guarantee of permanent accessibility. The router possesses industrial robustness and benefits from market-leading technology, and, after settings optimization made by the Digi pre-sales team, integrates perfectly into the Trend solution.

Energy service providers like Dalkia manage buildings throughout the territory,” added Olivier Fillot.

“It is necessary for them that all data collected is combined and secured in a single location. With the cellular connection, the data is analyzed and communicated in real-time allowing operators to adapt settings remotely for better energy management.”

In addition, the new cellular feature gives Trend the option of evaluating pilot solution schemes, as evaluation solutions can be installed quickly, monitored and then moved without additional cost. This equipment can be installed temporarily in a building to estimate the savings that would be made by a full implementation of the solution.

Frederic Luu, Vice President Sales & Marketing – Asia & EMEA for Digi International, concluded:

We are pleased Trend France could expand its offer through the Digi technology. This collaboration further strengthens our company’s presence in the Smart Energy market. We are committed to always provide the best solution to our clients by providing them with the best connectivity technologies as well as dedicated customer support for a tailored integration.

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