SensorLogic Partners with ClearConnex to Accelerate M2M Application Development Around Popular Wireless Modems

Partnership links cloud-based platform with portable wireless device agent to simplify development of remote monitoring, management, and service solutions.

Today at CTIA Enterprise & Applications 2012, SensorLogic, Inc., and ClearConnex announced a partnership that will simplify the process of building and managing machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that use a wide range of popular wireless modems.

SensorLogic is the leading provider of cloud-based platform technology for M2M application enablement, and ClearConnex is an innovative engineering services firm that starts projects ahead with wireless device platforms.

As a first step, the firms have integrated the portable ClearComm wireless device agent into the SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform. The integration allows customers to leverage the ClearComm platform, which supports popular wireless modems and modules from firms such as Sierra Wireless, Maestro Wireless, and XACT – all of which are available from top distributors. When used in combination, the SensorLogic and ClearComm platforms make it easier and more cost effective for customers to build M2M applications and services.

Manuel Zepeda, President of ClearConnex, said:

“Working with application platform partners like SensorLogic helps us extend the value of our portable agent technology. Both companies are interested in simplifying M2M solutions, so the integration of our platforms is compelling to developers and integrators.”

Partnering with ClearConnex is an excellent complement to our open approach to device communication, management and support,” said Paul Henderson, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for SensorLogic.

The ClearConnex M2M wireless device agent significantly expands the options that our customers have when choosing modules and modems for their M2M solutions.

The SensorLogic Service Delivery Platform provides a wide range of application enablement services that allow developers to focus their attention and resources on building the domain-specific aspects of their solutions and not waste resources on the underlying M2M infrastructure elements. Examples of Platform services include open device communications and protocol translation, device data storage and management, configurable business rules and complex event processing, location-based services with geospatial triggers, alerts and notifications, secure device group management, data warehousing, and reporting.

The portable ClearComm wireless device agent ensures that developers do not have to learn the specifics of wireless technologies; they can use a common library across popular wireless devices for core capabilities like device and bearer management, tracking, controls, and more. ClearComm enhances the communication functionality of inexpensive, off-the-shelf modems, starts custom application development ahead and eliminates the wireless technology learning curve allowing developers to focus on building their core application, saving months of engineering development time and cost.

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