Axeda and ClearConnex Join Forces to Accelerate M2M Solution Development and Deployment

Axeda and ClearConnex Join Forces to Accelerate M2M Solution Development and Deployment

New alliance takes cost and complexity out of the wireless M2M solution delivery process

Axeda Corporation and ClearConnex, two leading solution providers in the rapidly growing machine-to-machine (M2M) market, today announced an alliance to streamline the building and delivery of wireless M2M solutions. Axeda provides an advanced cloud-based platform for managing connected products and implementing M2M applications; ClearConnex is an innovative engineering services firm that starts M2M projects ahead with wireless device platforms.

With this new alliance, the Axeda® Platform now integrates with the portable ClearComm wireless device agent, which is hardware agnostic and supports leading modems and modules from companies such as Sierra Wireless, Maestro Wireless and GenX Mobile. ClearComm also supports custom devices, enabling the joint Axeda and ClearConnex solution to communicate with any device selected by the customer. By leveraging this integrated solution, customers will start ahead, start testing sooner, get to market faster, and finish ahead.

Bill Zujewski, EVP of product strategy and marketing, Axeda Corporation said:

“As companies move to take advantage of the benefits of connecting their products, it is imperative that we as solution providers make the process as easy as possible.”

With ClearConnex, we have selected a partner who has unique expertise in helping customers select the right module or the right modem, as well as in building connectivity into any device — ultimately taking the guesswork out of the process and speeding the time-to-market for their M2M solutions.

Axeda and ClearConnex Join Forces to Accelerate M2M Solution Development and DeploymentThe Axeda® M2M Cloud Service accelerates M2M application development due to its open architecture built on standards-based technology, proven M2M data model, powerful rules engine and built-in Web Services. It is uniquely qualified to handle the complex requirements for connected product solutions, such as managing multiple types of connections and assets, processing massive amounts of unstructured data, and providing enterprise-grade scalability and security.

Having out-of-the-box integration with Axeda reduces cost and time-to-market for our customers and enables them to immediately take advantage of the industry’s leading M2M application development platform,” said Ryan Rangel, CEO, ClearConnex.
We believe this alliance will dramatically reduce complexity for customers by eliminating a steep learning curve and allowing them to quickly add high value wireless capability to products and services.

More Information
Starting in Q1 of 2012, Axeda will also be part of the ClearConnex, Kore and Richardson RFPD Quickstart Developer Kit for accelerating the development, testing and deployment of M2M applications. Together, the companies will deliver every critical component required by M2M application developers to develop and test a complete M2M solution including the end-user applications. The enhanced Quickstart Developer Kit will enable developers to purchase a cellular module developer kit enhanced with ClearConnex’s ClearComm software agent, direct access to the KORE wireless M2M network and built-in connectivity to the Axeda M2M Cloud in one simple, integrated package.

About Axeda
Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based software for managing connected products and implementing innovative M2M applications. We take the cost and complexity out of connecting and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies. Our customers use our M2M cloud service to deliver innovative M2M solutions and optimize their business processes with data from their connected products. Learn more at

About ClearConnex
ClearConnex specializes in finishing any wireless device project ahead with expert engineering services that build upon innovative product platforms. To start projects ahead, ClearConnex provides a proven set of licensable software and hardware products as customizable building blocks. This approach combines the flexibility and functionality of custom development with the cost effectiveness of an off-the-shelf solution – an industry first.

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