Numerex Upgrades its Satellite-based Asset Monitoring Solution

Integrated Remote Monitoring and Alarm Solution Available for Liquid Tank Level and Door Sensors

Numerex Corp, a leading single source provider of secure machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, announced today its new satellite-based end-to-end remote asset monitoring solution, which enables Value Added Resellers (VARs) to provide secure, configurable asset visibility to their customers seeking to monitor liquid tanks and doors.

The full solution includes the lightweight yet rugged Numerex Satellite FLEX tracking device, the wireless Numerex FLEX SNSR interface which can be connected to a broad range of asset sensors, and the Numerex FASTrack application which makes sense of the captured data.

The FLEX SNSR is connected to the tank level or door sensor and wirelessly transmits the sensor data to the Satellite FLEX. The Satellite FLEX, which can link up to four FLEX SNSRs, sends the data to the web-based FASTrack application. This solution is usable even in volatile environments, as both the Satellite FLEX and FLEX SNSR have completed Intrinsically Safe (IS) Certification. MET Laboratories conducted the certification, qualifying the solution as Class I, Division 1, Groups A-D standards under UL 913 and UL60950.

Remote monitoring of liquid tank levels can significantly reduce operational expenses by optimizing fleet dispatch as well as identifying leaks or pilferage. Global visibility to door open/close events helps ensure driver and asset safety and also reduces cargo shrinkage. For many installations, Numerex’s solution enables exterior mounting of the satellite transmitter and internal mounting of a magnetic door sensor for a no-drilling solution. This quick, easy, and reliable installation option provides a durable solution that reduces the possibility of malicious tampering.

The Numerex FASTrack application can be configured to generate visual and audio alerts as well as email notifications when a tank level or door alarm event occurs. This powerful cloud-based application enables enterprises to aggregate, analyze, and take action on data collected from a wide variety of vehicles and assets in one integrated application console, and is a much-needed tool for managing increasingly complex fleet and logistics operations.

Numerex is dedicated to offering cost-effective asset visibility and easy-to-implement solutions,” said Darren Koenig, vice president of marketing and products at Numerex.

Our upgraded satellite-based solution can be rapidly configured and implemented.

“The Numerex Satellite FLEX tracking device is capable of delivering years of uninterrupted service on a single and easily field-replaceable battery. It can be installed, activated and operational in less than five minutes.”

In addition, with another IS certification under our belt, our customers can confidently rely on Satellite FLEX as the hub for versatile global tracking and monitoring solutions for assets as diverse as a shipping container or an oil field fuel tank.

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