OnAsset and Sprint Launch the Industry’s First Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM Asset Tracking Solution

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OnAsset and Sprint Launch the Industry’s First Dual-Mode CDMA/GSM Asset Tracking Solution

New Version of OnAsset’s SENTRY® is the M2M Industry’s First Dual Mode Solution for Tracking High Value Cargo Anywhere around the Globe

OnAsset Intelligence Inc., a leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless asset tracking, sensing, and control solutions, today announced that its relationship with Sprint has produced the M2M industry’s first-ever dual mode CDMA/GSM asset tracking solution for use around the globe.

OnAsset’s SENTRY® is the industry’s leading asset tracking solution, used by many of the largest shippers in the world to track the location, temperature; pressure; humidity; light; motion; shock and vibration of high value assets transported via any mode of freight. SENTRY keeps customers informed on the whereabouts, and the status of their cargo, via M2M-based communications with OnAsset’s Vision management platform, across the Sprint wireless network.

OnAsset has worked closely with Sprint for several months to create a dual mode version of SENTRY that now expands the reach of asset tracking capabilities and offers customers greater flexibility in deploying the solution.

OnAsset’s President and CEO, Adam Crossno said:

“We’re excited to be working with a forward-thinking wireless carrier that’s as passionate about changing the landscape of the M2M industry as we are.
We’re leveraging Sprint’s world-class network domestically and globally via Sprint’s international partners to establish a world-wide footprint for our asset tracking technology.”

Wayne Ward, vice president of emerging solutions, Sprint, added, “Sprint’s open approach to expanding the M2M ecosystem, flexible and robust networks, and proven ability to execute solutions helps businesses and consumers benefit from M2M opportunities. Companies like OnAsset and their SENTRY product bring distinct enhancements to our M2M portfolio. Our value proposition is built on streamlining the process of deploying M2M solutions, while enabling customers to tap into our extensive M2M ecosystem, where they can choose from a broad selection of applications and expertise to support their specific objectives.

To find out more about the Dual Mode SENTRY solution, Contact sales@onasset.com, or visit www.sprint.com/m2m.

About Sprint:
With more than a dozen years of experience with machine-to-machine (M2M), Sprint has been at the forefront of this wireless industry revolution, teaming with and supporting a large and diverse portfolio of innovative companies to create smarter wireless solutions. Sprint and its associates have already brought to market a wide array of solutions that feature a host of devices running on our network, which are changing the way people work and live – including benefits to a variety of categories. www.sprint.com/m2m.

About OnAsset Intelligence:
Headquartered in Irving, TX, OnAsset Intelligence Inc. is a leading provider of wireless devices and software solutions focused on helping customers wirelessly locate, track, connect, and manage fixed and mobile assets in real-time. The company’s M2M products and services include SENTRY™ wireless hardware with its flagship product line FlightSafe® for air cargo tracking and ContainerSafe™ for shipping container security, its web-based Vision Platform™ and global wireless connectivity services. For additional information on OnAsset’s products, please visit www.onasset.com.

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