Analysys Mason sees Vodafone as the world leader in machine-to-machine data services

According to an Analysys Mason snapshot report which examined the performance of 12 communications providers worldwide, Vodafone is the world leader in providing machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless data services to global businesses.

The independent research company rated each provider’s capabilities and resources against six key metrics ranging from the scale of operations to the quality of partnerships. The report is based on the Analysys Mason M2M Communication Service Provider Scorecard: 2011 which highlighted Vodafone’s focus on customer support, its delivery against Service Level Agreements and its ability to offer proven and trusted M2M solutions that are simple to integrate with customers’ existing systems. The survey also emphasised Vodafone’s broad network of partner suppliers – relationships which offer a crucial degree of flexibility when responding to customers’ needs.

Wireless M2M technology – also known as ‘the internet of things’ – is based on embedding a SIM card and wireless data chipset into a wide range of devices. It provides companies with sophisticated remote control, monitoring and tracking capabilities, turning passive equipment into smart devices capable of operating within broader intelligent networks. Examples of M2M technology deployments include smart meters in consumers’ homes that enable utility companies to adjust power grid load in real time, and tracking systems that enable logistics companies to redirect delivery vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency. An increasing number of global businesses are incorporating M2M within their core operations, leading to greater productivity, enhanced customer service, lower energy use and decreased carbon dioxide emissions.

Vodafone Head of M2M Smart Services, Erik Brenneis, said:

“Vodafone is committed to remaining at the forefront of M2M development as the new generation of wireless-enabled smart devices begins to change the way companies work. We are pleased that Analysys Mason has recognised what is, for us, a passion as well as a core strategic focus.”

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