Locaid Launches Global Cell-ID

Locaid Extends Leadership as the Largest Location-as-a-Service Company by Expanding Reach to 165 Countries for Mobile Enterprise Apps

Locaid, the largest Location-as-a-Service company, today announced commercial availability of Locaid Global Cell-ID™.

This new feature, accessible via Locaid’s Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform, allows enterprise mobile developers to acquire carrier-certified, permission-based location on their devices in over 165 countries around the globe.

Locaid will launch this new solution at the Mobile World Congress today in Barcelona.  With Global Cell-ID, Locaid combines its patented, award-winning location platform and algorithms with the latest advancements in carrier network location positioning to serve the most rigorous requirements of the mobile enterprise.

In many mobile enterprise applications, devices move out of the country and off the carrier’s network, and thus they cannot be located via existing carrier APIs,” explained David Allen, CTO, Locaid. 

Locaid has enhanced the location APIs so that now, when a developer requests the location of an enterprise mobile device, Locaid can deliver the device location, even if the device has roamed out of the country.  Only Locaid offers such reach and access.

This expanded coverage is highly relevant for global brands and logistics companies such as financial services, security, telematics, M2M and logistics companies and operations.

The new service from Locaid is a historic first for the mobile industry,” said Rip Gerber, Locaid president and CEO. 

“Locaid can now locate mobile equipment in over 165 countries through one API and track devices from Barcelona, Spain to Black Rock City, Nevada to the Black Forest, Germany.  Location-as-a-Service is now, officially, global.”

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