Gemalto Launches Highly Reliable, Next Gen-Ready Wireless Connectivity Solution for M2M, NFC and 4G LTE Services

End-to-end solution enables 100% coverage of operators’ subscriber base and provides a highly reliable environment for mission critical applications.

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces the launch of the Advanced Connectivity offer, an end-to-end solution allowing 100% success rate for the download and activation of mission critical applications including M2M, NFC and streaming multimedia content over LTE networks.

Advanced Connectivity combines Gemalto’s Advanced Over-the-Air (OTA) platform and Advanced Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (UICC) fitted with automatic updating1. The carrier grade efficiency of the Gemalto OTA platform has already been field-proven through a number of high-profile commercial LTE deployments, notably with NTT Docomo in Japan, as well as Metro PCS and Verizon Wireless in the U.S.

With LTE rollouts well underway and billions of connected devices forecast to be deployed in the near future, the wireless ecosystem is changing and this creates tremendous opportunities for mobile network operators to serve or act as service providers. In order to better meet the high level of service delivery required for these growth opportunities, mobile operators demand a more secure infrastructure, the ability to instantly reach 100% of their subscriber base and a highly reliable mission critical environment.

More importantly, mobile operators can now take advantage of subscribers’ natural renewal rhythm by anticipating the massive rollout of 4G and NFC services, and reduce their total cost of deployment with an early migration strategy to Gemalto’s Advanced UICC, ahead of time. Advanced Connectivity is fully compatible with existing networks and can hence be implemented as part of or ahead of an LTE roll-out.

“4G LTE networks change the playing field for the delivery of mobile service and implementing Advanced Connectivity prepares our customers for delivering on the new consumer demands in a timely manner,” commented Jean-François Schreiber, Senior Vice President of Mobile Solutions and Services at Gemalto.

“Now is the right time for upgrading to the next generation solutions that will put any operator a step ahead in offering subscribers the many fantastic new services and applications from day one, ensuring immediate service uptake.”

1The solution allows for automatic UICC update to enable 100% success rate and an always up-to-date UICC

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