Global connectivity for world’s first light bulb recycling machine

Danish startup NextM2M is to provide the world’s first reverse vending recycling machine for domestic light bulbs with global mobile connectivity.

NextM2M has developed a unique, web based management platform, which together with one-step global access to more than 400 mobile networks in 200 countries makes it easier and more economical to develop and deploy new machine-to-machine solutions.

This innovative solution is utilized by UK-based Reverse Vending Corporation Ltd who developed a reverse vending recycling machine for the safe collection and recycling of domestic light bulbs and batteries.

The patented reVend recycling machine is the first domestic light bulb recycling machine of its kind in the World and will be marketed globally.

The leading international retailer, IKEA of Sweden, is the first to install the light bulb reverse vending recycling technology in its stores in the UK and will install a significant number of machines in IKEA stores throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany and Denmark.

The new range of light bulb recycling machines from reVend will benefit the environment, help increase recycling rates and assist companies and organizations in complying with recycling targets and environmental recycling regulations.

NextM2M has enabled us to provide connectivity in our unique light bulb reverse vending recycling machines that can now be deployed anywhere in the world,” says Steve Stothard, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer at Reverse Vending Corporation.

Their extensive network with at least two operators in each country is a guarantee of a professional service for our customers, and the unique NextM2M Management Platform makes handling and administering a vast number of connections easy and uncomplicated. NextM2M has an extensive knowledge and expertise within M2M markets and technology, which makes them an ideal partner for Reverse Vending Corporation“, added Stothard.

Henrik Hansen, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, NextM2M, states

“Vending machines and reverse vending machines are very typical of the growing use of machine-to-machine technology.”

At NextM2M we have worked intensively to develop a management platform and integrated billing systems that meet the requirements of system integrators, software developers and manufacturers involved in M2M projects.
Because you have complete control of the SIM-cards and the usage from start to finish, you do not have to worry about excessive airtime costs. We are a one-stop supplier of global connectivity to over 400 networks, which means that a solution can be developed once and then implemented anywhere at any time without the need for technical alterations.

The collaboration with Reverse Vending Corporation is supporting the position of NextM2M as a global partner for the innovative technological community“, comments Mads Winblad, Chairman of the NextM2M board.

It proves our ability to deliver flexible, reliable and cost efficient connectivity on a global basis. We are looking forward to continuous cooperation with Reverse Vending Corporation and many other developers of M2M solutions“.

About NextM2M
NextM2M A/S is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providing global connectivity and managed network services in 200 countries with access to more than 400 mobile networks.
The innovative web based NextM2M management platform and integrated billing systems enable software, system integrators and operators to develop and deploy wholesale and resale M2M services, solutions and products for themselves, their customers as well as their customers’ customers worldwide. NextM2M is constantly in search of collaboration with innovators, system integrators, operators and manufacturers in order to increase the deployment of M2M technology worldwide.

About Reverse Vending Corporation
RVC is an international company specializing in reverse vending machine systems, installation, material recovery and recycling, through its experienced management team in RV technology, recycling and waste management. It is the first company in the World to successfully introduce and install reverse vending recycling machines for domestic light bulbs and batteries. These unique recycling machines have already been installed in IKEA Wembley and Wednesbury stores to be followed by a national UK roll-out. Further details available on and

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