DN2K Announces DWorks Solution Suite and First Oil and Gas Project

DN2K Announces DWorks Solution Suite and First Oil and Gas Project

DN2K, developers of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) remote monitoring and management systems, today announced the release of the DWorks Solution Suite and it’s first oil and gas project with local developer Omni Energy.

Omni Energy and their operator will be using the drilling, production and royalty modules of DWorks. DWorks performs real-time data aggregation from the field devices and includes a software subscription and a number of hardware gateways. The gateways are small rugged devices that are located at the well sites to perform interconnection, sensor aggregation, data management, security and business rule functions.

The DWorks Solution Suite enables us to see and understand what is going on with production in real-time,” said Elaine Walford, president at Omni Energies.

“Having the well data aggregated into a single view on our Apple iPads saves us time and money by having insight into all facets of our operation.”

The project will involve collecting data from wells all across the country enabling Omni Energies to view in real-time, a graphical ‘dashboard’ of oil well operations from their iPad, Smartphone or laptop.

DWorks is a unique and powerful tool that allows oil and gas companies to become even more efficient by seeing all aspects of their operations in real-time,” said Susan Lambert, president and COO of DN2K. “We look forward to working with Omni Energies this project.”

Included in DWorks Solution Suite, is the Virtual Operations Center (VOC) functionality which allows customers to maintain a secondary operations center that provides an aggregated view and control of complex remote systems.

About Omni Energies
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Omni Energies is a privately held company with concerns in oil, natural gas, solar, wind and algae bio fuel energy. For more information please email at info@omnienergies.us.

About DN2K
DN2K’s system builds bridges between islands of technology and information. The DWorks Solution Suite accomplishes this by aggregating complex systems into a single graphical view, regardless of platform or protocol. DWorks is a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and because it is HTML5-based, it is extremely flexible and mobile device friendly. DWorks is easy to install and operate, and has been optimized for enterprise wide systems such as: SCADA, M2M and Industrial Control Systems.

DN2K primarily serves municipalities, telecommunications, data centers, oil and gas, agriculture, smart grid, utilities and industrial sectors worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dn2k.com

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