Wyless to Offer the First Clearwire 4G M2M Product

Wyless to Offer the First Clearwire 4G M2M Product

Wyless, the leading global managed services provider, today announced an agreement with Clearwire to offer the first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) 4G products available on the Clearwire network.

The agreement will provide 4G connectivity to Wyless customers and partners in more than 80 markets across the United States.

Clearwire’s 4G network offers the high-speed, high-capacity wireless broadband service needed to support Digital Signage, Wireless Backup, ATMs, Surveillance, Point-of-Sale and Interactive Kiosk connectivity. Data intensive applications are becoming more prevalent in the M2M market space and managing capacity and cost are primary concerns in an M2M deployment.

Wyless will be offering a wide range of pooled price plans starting at under $10 in the U.S. Clearwire’s proven 4G technology can support a wide range of M2M devices and Wyless will be leveraging their Cradlepoint Diamond Partner status to deliver the latest devices to their customers and partners as they become available this spring.

Peter Dunn, Director of Product Development for Wyless said:

“The Clearwire 4G network will enable us to offer a completely new service to our customers and partners.
We are now able to fill a specific need in our portfolio of carrier services that had been unmet by our previous product offerings.”

Expanding our product portfolio to serve the rapidly growing demand for machine to machine connectivity is a natural extension of the quality broadband service our 4G network offers,” said Dow Draper, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Retail for Clearwire.
We are pleased to offer Wyless customers a flexible, reliable wireless broadband option to meet their data needs.

About Wyless
Wyless is the leading global M2M managed services provider. Our resilient platform, delivered in partnership with the world’s largest network operators, provides secure, reliable communications with wireless devices in over 120 countries. Powerful management tools offer real-time reporting and control over all devices connected to our network. Wyless delivers a comprehensive suite of managed services with unrivalled expertise, professional support and competitive pricing. We enable our customers and partners to deploy M2M applications and services faster, cheaper and more effectively.

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