New Modular M2M Gateway Breaks the Single Function Mold

New Modular M2M Gateway Breaks the Single Function Mold

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution providers frustrated over the proliferation of function-specific M2M gateways may soon be able to eliminate the multitude of redundant, single-function boxes.

Systech is launching the SysLINK™ M2M Gateway, a modular communication gateway/router, designed to solve data bridging requirements for home, commercial, and retail locations. Its modular architecture, with field replaceable option cards, is unique from any other M2M gateway on the market today.

Sam Lucero, M2M & Embedded Practice Director at ABI Research, said:

“In the world of M2M, there are many interfaces and standards in use today, and the number is expected to grow in the future.”

It is often impractical to implement a gateway that is limited to a single purpose, or that talks to only to a subset of the protocols. The SysLINK gateway is well able to communicate and bridge a wide variety of protocols and standards, while providing local intelligence to analyze, filter, and take action. This kind of flexible M2M solution is what will contribute to growing the M2M market from today’s 111 million connections, to over 453 million connections in 2017.”

When used in SMB and retail applications, the SysLINK family provides a complete communications solution providing secure Internet access for Point-Of-Sale financial transactions. Additionally, normal Internet traffic can be routed on physically independent Ethernet ports. Multiple SSIDs provide independent, password-protected wireless access points.

SysLink M2M gatewayThe SysLINK Gateway is a full-function router, including DHCP, NAT, VPN, and firewall capabilities. Eliminate costly analog dial lines by tying legacy analog POS equipment to SysLINK integrated analog ports. This secure, PCI compliant (PA-DSS certified) solution will significantly reduce monthly recurring costs.

Simplify security and surveillance operation with a cloud-based monitoring service tied to IP or Wi-Fi cameras, and ZigBee or Z-Wave monitoring and control peripherals. Optional internal accelerometer and temperature sensors provide a unique ability to monitor local conditions and track movement.

When used in home applications, the SysLINK family provides everything required for a standalone or cloud-based home/building automation and energy management gateway. Monitor and control lights, appliances, heating and air-conditioning, door locks, surveillance and security, pool/spa, as well as irrigation.

SysLINK products provide interface slots that may be optionally populated to extend the features and functionality of the gateway. “Just like a desk top computer, customers can order and configure the SysLINK gateway with exactly the hardware and software features needed for any application,” said Robert Lutz, Director of Business Development and Product Management at Systech. “Option cards can even be added or replaced in the field.”

Among the many interfaces supported with field upgradable modules are option cards that support Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular, ZigBee, Z-Wave, LE Bluetooth, digital ports, serial ports, a modem, and analog dialup ports.

The embedded Linux operating system provides the power and flexibility required to automatically adjust to individual hardware and software configurations. Additionally, custom software may be implemented to provide custom, value-added features to provide a truly unique solution.

First shown as a technology demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, pre-production units are sampling now. The SysLINK will be in full production July 2012. Please send inquiries to

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