New manufacturing plant in Brazil increases Telit’s reach in the Latin American market

New manufacturing plant in Brazil increases Telit’s reach in the Latin American market

Global leader in M2M wireless technology invests in new production structure in Paraná State to broaden its reach in South America

Telit Wireless Solutions, a leading global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules and services, today announced a  new factory located in Pato Branco, Paraná State (South region of Brazil). The company, that already has a local production facility in Hortolândia in the São Paulo countryside, will transfer part of its industrial structure to Pato Branco aiming to broaden its national and South American reach. The new production line, whose operations have already started, was set up in partnership with Hi MIX Eletronicos S/A, which is part of the Visum group. They will be responsible for manufacturing the modules.

The new plant in Paraná is important to help us meet our expansion plans and the demand from the Latin American market. With state-of-the-art equipment, inspection and final quality, this will be one of the finest Telit manufacturing facilities in the world,” says Marcos Kinzkowski, Telit’s Latin America VP of Sales.
The executive points out:
The Brazilian M2M market is growing fast and deserves Telit´s special attention.”

“With the investment in this industrial structure at Pato Branco, we foresee a huge increase in modules unit production through the end of the year, speeding our whole local production process and decreasing our delivery deadline for our Brazilian customers and those in neighboring countries.”

Telit produces 15 different wireless modules models in Brazil, which guarantees flexibility for its clients’ demands, competitive prices and optimized services for regional partners to support the needs of its more than 130 Latin American clients.

Having opened its Brazilian office in 2008, the company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of enterprise communication modules comprising cellular technologies – GSM/GPRS, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA and CDMA/EVDO – as well as a short-range module product portfolio including Wi-Fi, ZigBee, short range RF (proprietary mesh and point-to-point for unlicensed frequency bands), wireless MBus and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) modules. Telit is a major contender in the GNSS market while providing an enhanced product portfolio for its M2M customers.

In addition, the company offers its customers a family form factor concept. The xE910 family of wireless modules features a single, compact form factor that is interchangeable on any regional cellular network, delivering ubiquitous, cost-effective coverage for M2M applications and consumer electronics devices worldwide. Through M2M technology, machines, devices and vehicles are able to communicate with each other via mobile networks.

Telit GL865 Quad
Telit's GL865 Quad M2M module
GL865-QUAD STARTS TO BE PRODUCED IN BRAZIL – Telit is also increasing its local module production line. Meeting the Latin American market needs, the GL865-QUAD module is now being manufactured in Brazil. GL865-QUAD is a quad band GSM/GPRS device in LCC castellation packaging with extremely low power consumption, extended temperature range and compact profile.

The GL865-QUAD modules are ideally suited for uncomplicated and low-cost applications based on a four-layer PCB (printed circuit board). Moreover, with the option for manual soldering and removal, it can also serve niche applications with a low-volume production. Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, serial multiplexer and Remote AT commands extend the functionality of the application at no additional cost.

The GL865-QUAD also makes it possible to run the customer’s application inside the module via its embedded Python Script Interpreter, thus making it the smallest, most complete SMT platform for M2M solutions available.

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