KORE Teams with Huawei and Novotech on M2M Quickstart Program

KORE Teams with Huawei and Novotech on M2M Quickstart Program

KORE M2M Developer Quickstart Program Speeds Time-to-Market for Commercial M2M Solutions.

KORE, the world’s largest wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced the general availability of its Quickstart Program for Huawei’s Evaluation Kits.

Designed specifically for the developer community, the comprehensive KORE Quickstart Program enables companies to more quickly, easily and cost effectively bring new M2M solutions to market on the KORE network.

KORE has teamed with Huawei Device, the leading brand in the field of global mobile broadband and convergence terminals, and Novotech Technologies, a leading provider of M2M solutions designed by the world’s top manufacturers, to accelerate the advancement of M2M applications across the globe. The KORE Quickstart Program enables M2M developers to speed development and test cycles, reduce barriers of entry and simplify the pathway to commercial deployment.

The M2M developer community continues to flourish, driving innovation across multiple vertical markets with new applications for improving patient care, point-of-sale convenience, global asset tracking and many others,” said Robert Metzler, executive vice president of sales and marketing, KORE Telematics.

“This exciting new relationship with Huawei and Novotech will empower developers to accelerate the development, testing and deployment process for new M2M devices and applications.”

Developers using the KORE Quickstart Program can purchase Huawei’s M2M modules and evaluation kits through Novotech. By combining the Huawei kits with the Novotech technical support and KORE M2M network services, developers will have all the required components, including cellular connectivity, to quickly bring M2M applications to market.

The ubiquitous cellular coverage provided by the KORE network delivers ideal connectivity options for developers that want to test and deploy M2M applications,” said Yuhuan Cai, senior product manager at Huawei Device USA.

With KORE, our customers can truly design the network right into their applications during the development and test phases of new product design, saving precious development cycles and accelerating time-to-market.

KORE Quickstart Program participants will also have access to Novotech’s proven expertise in key technologies and fulfillment services important to bringing M2M solutions and products to market.

Partnering with KORE to accelerate the delivery of M2M applications will provide developers with the right hardware, support and cellular network access for bringing M2M applications to market faster with more flexibility,” said Richard Hobbs, president at Novotech.

The real-world testing of M2M applications through the KORE Quickstart Program greatly facilitates the path to commercial deployments, saving organizations both time and money.”

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