Remote Smart Home monitoring moves up to a new level with iSocket

Remote Smart Home monitoring moves up to a new level with iSocket

Intellectronics of Finland today announced the expansion of their iSocket product offering.

Their smart home remote monitoring range now has four main catefories: iSocket Smart Power Socket, iSocket Alarms & Sensors, iSocket Smart House Systems and M2M & DIY solutions.

The World of iSocket: Alarms & Sensors, Smart House Systems, Smart GSM Power Socket, M2M & DIY

In line with their objective “iSocket in every home” Intellectronics today announced the launch of the project “The World of iSocket” which combines the group of devices for remote GSM control and smart home systems.

A unique project for smart home remote monitoring has risen on the technological horizon – iSocket®. The first iSocket device – Smart GSM Power Socket – was launched by Intellectronics, Finland in 2011 and since then the project has grown rapidly.

The “World of iSocket” now has an additional three new main categories over and above their iSocket Smart GSM Power Socket:

  • iSocket Alarms & Sensors
  • iSocket Smart House Systems
  • iSocket M2M & DIY

These four categories are all combined on the new website where the company has begun to actively promote their concept “iSocket in every home”.

Intellectronics are confident that their new project will prove to be a huge success. They claim that iSocket offers state-of-the art devices for remote monitoring. These can be used to create a home alarm system, GSM remote control of electrical appliances as well as remote control of temperature. The range offers devices not only for end users, but also for professional integrators and manufacturers who can create their own systems using iSocket GSM modems. The company also markets power solutions for GSM modules.

The latest model from iSocket – the iSocket GSM 707 – was recently unveiled by Intellectronics, Finland. Two important new features are offered on this model.

iSocket® Power Notifier – This feature will notify the user in the event of a power failure or when the power is restored. Just set up the mobile number to be notified. Once this number is configured you will receive messages to that number whenever power is interrupted and/or restored.

iSocket® Temperature Notifier – This will alert the user if the room temperature falls or rises beyond critical levels. This smart feature of iSocket is easy to use. Just set up one or two thresholds and you will be informed when deviations occur (e.g. the temperature in a greenhouse falls- or the temperature in a warehouse rises above- acceptable values).

With these new features iSocket can now alert the user in the following situations:

  • In the event of a break-in
  • In the event of fire
  • In the event of a gas leak
  • When a thermostat is switched off
  • When power is interrupted in the area
  • When power is restored
  • When the temperature has risen above a specified level
  • When the temperature falls below a specified level

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