M2M player Arkessa chooses Telecloud the data centre Cloud

M2M player Arkessa chooses Telecloud the data centre Cloud

Telehouse and KDDI provide a private Cloud solution for machine-to-machine sector.

Arkessa, a major technology provider within the machine-to-machine (M2M) sector, has turned to leading global data centre provider, Telehouse along with its telecom and ICT parent company KDDI to design and build a virtualised private Cloud platform within their London data centres.

KDDI’s Cloud architects designed an infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) solution that is capable of supporting the growth of the business, allowing Arkessa to focus on developing and building its portfolio of innovative solutions and customer relations.

Headquartered in Cambridge, and with services throughout Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Australasia, Arkessa operates in the growing and highly competitive M2M industry, where it enables remote devices to be operated, monitored, managed and controlled as though they are connected directly to the users desktop, tablet or smartphone. The mission-critical application is used by the security, construction, public transport and other key industries which require super-fast data transfer from remote locations to central control hubs.

According to market watcher Beecham Research, the global market for services enabled by wireless connectivity is expected to grow by 25 per cent year-on-year and exceed $45bn USD within the next five years. In order to support this projected level of growth; Arkessa sought a move from its existing traditional data centre based in Scotland to a highly secure and scalable virtual platform that could accommodate the growth efficiently and provide real-time access to clients’ remote locations.

Paul Green, director of technology and marketing at Arkessa commented:
We knew we needed to invest in a virtual infrastructure, but we were uncertain about the implications of migrating our business-critical systems to the Cloud. Working with the reputable likes of Telehouse and KDDI meant we could rely on the infrastructure, connectivity and security of our private Cloud platform but also we gained a partner that understood our business needs and our innovation.

Telecloud, the portfolio of Cloud infrastructure services from Telehouse and KDDI include private and hybrid Cloud architecture, a shared virtual data centre platform, storage, disaster recovery, backup and SaaS solutions, all hosted within the secure and highly connected Telehouse London data centres.

Called the “Arkessa Centre for Remote Internet”, the virtual infrastructure plays a central role in ensuring their core business delivers the standards expected from their clients.
Green continued:

“A lot of our customers are large fast growing blue-chip firms with very specific technical requirements. We could not afford to compromise on security, latency or reliability of our application.”

Nick Layzell, Head of Cloud Solutions, KDDI Europe commented:
We are proud to have Arkessa as one of our first major Cloud clients. The M2M sector has particular needs from a Cloud partnership, fortunately we had long-standing relationships with network providers, we were operating our disaster recovery services at the level required and were able to integrate their current systems into a Cloud infrastructure rapidly. We are seeing enterprises that are launching innovative applications that require a high level of data integrity, security and private networks reaching out to us for private Cloud architecture, which is a perfect match for our Telehouse and KDDI partnership.

About Arkessa
Arkessa uses internet technology over 2G and 3G mobile phone networks to link things with things. Sometimes called M2M (machine to machine) this connection enables a wide range of companies to offer services to end users by virtue of being able to manage, control and monitor equipment and processes remotely.
A new company, Arkessa was formed from a management buyout of the M2M division of Vianet, a company based in Scotland. The new venture is relocating to the Cambridge area, and taking advantage of the strong culture of technology and innovation that exists in what is one of Europe’s greatest technology clusters and is pre-eminent in the wireless sector.
Arkessa is a founding partner in the “m2mglobal” network, which enables it to provide services throughout Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Australasia.

About Telehouse and KDDI
Telehouse offers global data centre facilities and connectivity, providing a secure and resilient platform for mission-critical IT systems. Established in 1988, Telehouse became Europe’s first purpose-built neutral colocation provider. Today, the company is at the heart of the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure, serving over 1,000 major corporations worldwide, from small start-ups to multinationals across a wide range of industries. Telehouse is the data centre subsidiary of Japanese corporation KDDI, one of the world’s largest network providers and a Global 300 company. Speak to our Telecloud Architects to discuss your cloud infrastructure requirements www.telecloud.uk.com.

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