Dimi Telematics International Launches Greenfreak.com

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Dimi Telematics International Launches Greenfreak.com

“The Interactive Worldwide Green Database Archive” to Serve as Easy Guide to “All Things Green on the Internet”

DiMi Telematics International, Inc. (OTCQB:DIMI), an environmentally-conscious, cloud-based, M2M communications solutions provider, today unveiled GreenFreak.com, an online interactive portal designed to bring ‘green’ knowledge to new heights by empowering users worldwide with its comprehensive, searchable database of “all things green on the Internet.”
The web portal, found at www.greenfreak.com, features links to green-oriented websites; videos; sustainable products; environmental news and services; and “simple steps to living green” tips and ideas; among much more.

Barry Tenzer, Co-founder, President and CEO of DiMi, stated:

“Like Green Genie, a top-rated green mobile app that we acquired earlier this year, GreenFreak presents DiMi Telematics with yet another fun and effective way to reach and educate the growing global universe of environmentally-aware people who are as committed as we are to protecting our planet and reducing the carbon footprint of industry, government and consumers worldwide.”

And, like Green Genie, GreenFreak is expected to notably expand DiMi’s marketing platform that will ultimately be leveraged to promote awareness and adoption of the cloud-based M2M communications solutions that the Company is currently focused on bringing to market within the next year.

greenfreak.com home pageContinuing, Tenzer, said, “To fully appreciate our creative and clever approach to marketing our Company and the power of M2M technologies, it’s first important to understand who we are and what we stand for. DiMi Telematics’ mindful growth strategy emphasizes building a conscious business capable of delivering sustainable earnings growth that is fueled by our core values: collaboration, compassion for the human condition, nurturing and valuing relationships with everyone who comes into contact with our Company, and enhancing the health and sustainability of our planet for all future generations. Simply put, we’re GreenFreaks and proud of it!

About DiMi Telematics International, Inc.
Established in 2011 and based in New York City, DiMi Telematics International, Inc. (DTI) is on a mission to bring to market environmentally-conscious technologies, tools and processes that work together to reduce the collective carbon footprint on the planet. Specifically, the Company is engaged in the design, development and distribution of cloud-based, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications solutions used to remotely track, monitor, manage and protect multiple fixed and mobile assets in real-time from virtually any web-enabled desktop computer or mobile device. DTI is focused on the M2M market segments in which it can provide highly differentiated, environmentally responsible and value-driven solutions capable of unleashing tangible productivity gains, material cost reductions, and quantifiable risk mitigation across an enterprise. For more information, please visit www.dimitelematics.com.
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