Globalstar Value Added Manufacturer Lasso Technologies Introduces Revolutionary M2M Satellite Interface

Globalstar Value Added Manufacturer Lasso Technologies Introduces Revolutionary M2M Satellite Interface

Expanding M2M Applications fuels growth for Globalstar Simplex data as developers can now easily integrate affordable satellite connectivity into their enterprise remote monitoring solutions

Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ:GSAT), today announced that Globalstar Value Added Manufacturer Lasso Technologies, LLC (Lasso), has introduced an innovative satellite interface which allows easy and affordable access to the Globalstar satellite network for remote M2M monitoring applications.  The new Lasso interface provides Globalstar Smartone Simplex Device connectivity to a variety of external sensors and devices supporting Analog (Voltage and Current), Frequency, Event Counters, RS-232, SCI, I2C, ODB2 and J1939 inputs.

Lasso’s revolutionary new interface expands Globalstar’s reach into the M2M marketplace by simplifying field sensor and device integration for their remote SCADA applications,” said Jake Rembert, Senior Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing for Globalstar, Inc. 

“Until now, customers and Value Added Resellers were unable to take full advantage of Globalstar’s Smartone modem’s capabilities without spending time and resources to customize their products to one of our Simplex data standards. The immediate expected benefits include speed to market in addition to reducing integration time and effort to transmit sensor data from virtually anywhere around the world using the Globalstar satellite network.”

Dudley Volcansek, Vice President of Sales for Lasso Technologies LLC said, “We are very excited about the synergy we have created between the Globalstar VAR network and Lasso Technologies.  “We expect the new Lasso Technologies interface will dramatically increase the VARs’ ability to bring additional solutions to their customers.

The capability to acquire data from remotely located sensors and transmit that information through the Globalstar network, gives enterprise customers the ability to make decisions based upon real time actionable information.  From remote locations around the world, clients can now receive real-time sensor delivered information about tank levels, fluid flow volumes, environmental data, machine equipment, asset status, engine run time and other vital information.

About Globalstar, Inc.
Globalstar is a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services.  Globalstar offers these services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world. The Company’s products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, simplex and duplex satellite data modems and flexible service packages. Many land based and maritime industries benefit from Globalstar with increased productivity from remote areas beyond cellular and landline service. Global customer segments include: oil and gas, government, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, utilities, military, transportation, heavy construction, emergency preparedness, and business continuity as well as individual recreational users. Globalstar data solutions are ideal for various asset and personal tracking, data monitoring and SCADA applications. For more information regarding Globalstar, please visit Globalstar’s web site at

About Lasso Technologies, LLC
Lasso Technologies, LLC provides both Cellular and Satellite based wireless communication solutions used for asset management, fleet tracking, plant monitoring, control, machine status, water flow, engine run time, and engine data. Web based maps with address, log charts, email, and phone call voice alert messaging are provided.
The Lasso product reads many types of sensors and interfaces directly with the GlobalStar SmartOne. Input capabilities include: Frequency, Event Counters, Analog, RS-232, SCI, 4-20ma, and discrete inputs. Sensors used with Lasso products include: flow, pressure, temperature, fluid level, ultrasonic, presence, PH, salinity, viscosity, and environmental data. Lasso can also read Vehicle Computer data such as tire pressure, engine data, fault codes, rpm, engine hours, speed, odometer, fuel level, MPG, and transmit the corresponding data to the SmartOne for transmission to Globalstar satellites.

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