MAAF Assurances and SIGFOX team up for home security

MAAF Assurances and SIGFOX team up for home security

MAAF becomes the first insurance company to offer a connected objects’ household protection service.

SIGFOX, the first operator of a cellular network fully dedicated to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things communications, announces that MAAF Assurances has chosen SIGFOX low throughput
communications network for its new home security offer: MAAF self-monitoring solution.

MAAF Assurances thus anticipates the upcoming regulation that will impose by 2015 that each household be equipped with a smoke detector.

The fire and/or intrusion alert service that will be provided with the SIGFOX, network, will enable MAAF insured customers to be warned directly with an sms sent through their phone operator, in case the home installed sensors detect smoke or movement. This selfmonitoring system is offered at a highly competitive price, the full Theft & Fire solution costing 79€¹, with a yearly subscription of 3€.

« MAAF Assurances has long been working on home risks prevention and as such, was adamant to find an innovation solution that could better the life of its insured customers. The solution offered by SIGFOX answers our need to guarantee our customers security in all circumstances », declares Laurent Pigelet, MAAF Assurances marketing communications director.

Connection of the systems to the SIGFOX network will start in January 2013 for some 3000 MAAF insured customers. After that commercial test phase, the service should be commercialised on a wider scale.

With this new offer, SIGFOX shows the ability of its network to connect our daily lives’ objects. Ludovic le Moan, SIGFOX Chief Executive Officer adds:

« SIGFOX aims to ease the private and industrial daily lives with a high quality service connection at a very low price. We answer today’s needs while preparing tomorrow’s applications. MAAF fully understood the benefits of our network and passes them on to its customers. We are very happy to be working, within the Covéa Group, with this insurance company as we share the same human values. »

¹ During the commercial test, the full “theft and fire” offer will only cost 79€ (valid until January 31,2013) with a free subscription the first year. “Fire” and “Theft” offers will also be available separately: launch price starting from 24€ (valid until January 31,2013) with a free subscription the first year.

SIGFOX is the first and only operator of a cellular network fully dedicated to low-throughput communication for connected objects. Leveraging on its patented UNB technology SIGFOX brings a revolution to the M2M and Internet of Things world by enabling large-scale connection of objects. The network already connects tens of thousands of objects in France and international cities. SIGFOX recently raised 10 million euros to deploy its network internationally.
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About MAAF
MAAF Assurances Group is one of the main general insurance companies in France. It provides its 4,1 million insured customers with global insurance solutions (car, home, professional risks but also health, life-insurance…) and high added-value services (assistance, financial services…). MAAF Assurance, MMA and GMF insurance companies belong to Covéa Group, the leading mutual insurance Group.

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