Internet of Things Consortium Announcement

Internet of Things Consortium Announcement

Technology Leaders to Foster Internet-Connected Devices

January 7, 2013 – Internet of Things leaders will use the backdrop of the annual Consumer Electronic Show, which opens January 8, 2013, to debut the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), according to group chair Jason Johnson. The group’s mission is to foster and support the growth of Internet-connected devices for consumers.

Johnson said:

“As we will see this week, there are a number of amazing ‘Internet of Things’ solutions in development from both start-up companies and established consumer electronics corporations. Be it a new game controller, a fitness tracker, a home thermostat or an automatic door look, the future is bright for people building real life connected things.”

This consortium will provide opportunities for hardware, software and service providers to collaborate on ways to make connected devices more rich and rewarding for today’s consumer. It will act as an innovation forum for companies employing emergent technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy and Low Power Wi-Fi. Discussions will include best practices in manufacturing, retail strategies, APIs and software development such as better support for Bluetooth Low Energy on Android devices.

The IoT Consortium will host regular meetings in San Francisco as well as in conjunction with major trade shows and conferences such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress, Customer Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), and others.

Charter members of the IoT Consortium include early stage as well as globally established companies including: Active Mind Technologies (Game), BASIS Science, Coin, Kease, Logitech, MOVL (KontrolTV), Ouya, Poly-Control, SmartThings, and Ube. Companies with hardware and software products and those providing services that are already on the market or planned for availability within 90 days can inquire about participation at

As an early leader in this emerging market, SmartThings is delighted to be a part of the Internet of Things Consortium to help drive collaboration and the emergence of an Open Physical Graph,” said Alex Hawkinson, CEO at SmartThings, a leader in connecting everyday devices to the Internet.

Bharat Vasan, COO of BASIS Science said: “At BASIS, we help people build healthy habits into their everyday lives. We look forward to working with the Internet of Things Consortium to further expand the unique capabilities of the Basis band and build compelling, useful product experiences for the world.

At MOVL, we’re delighted to be a part of the IoT Consortium where we look forward to collaborating with fellow members to connect exciting new products and services. With our KontrolTV platform on more than 60 million smart televisions, we look forward to seeing how IoTC members can leverage our solution in the living room,” said Daniel Gnecco of MOVL.

Ube is thrilled to be a member of the IoTC. The successful adoption of M2M and connected home technologies is dependent on open standards for the provisioning and control of millions of headless devices. We are excited to be among other emerging companies that share the same vision and that are committed to moving the industry forward collectively,” said Utz Baldwin, CEO of Ube.

Call for Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to help coordinate events throughout the year. If interested, please email

About the Internet of Things Consortium
The Internet of Things Consortium is a non-profit organization with the mission of facilitating cooperation between hardware, software, and service providers. One of the goals of the consortium is to see billions of connected devices that benefit from communications with other devices and services. The IoT Consortium is based in San Francisco, California. For more information visit or email

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