Jasper Wireless Launches M2M Catalyst Program for Mobile Operators

Jasper Wireless, the leading connected devices platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer electronics, today announced the launch of M2M Catalyst, a program to enable partner operators to rapidly establish and capitalize on new services for connected devices.

The potential of M2M services as an important new revenue stream for operators worldwide is dependent on the speed and agility with which operators can launch solutions across an ever-growing array of vertical markets. M2M Catalyst provides mobile operators with a comprehensive program designed to accelerate their service offerings into existing and emerging connected devices sectors. It is organized around three components that offer essential training and tools, launch assistance and access to a solutions ecosystem: Launch, Build and Expand.

1) Launch: comprehensive set of tools to help operators get their sales and operational capabilities ready for servicing M2M customers. This includes sales enablement training, organizational best practices consulting, sales and marketing templates, and overall project management.

2) Build: A turnkey developer program with which operators can quickly engage prospective customers in their M2M service offerings and establish accounts on the world’s leading platform for M2M enterprises – Control Center. This gives visibility into prospective customers’ activities, accelerating the overall customer acquisition process.

3) Expand: This gives partner operators access to Jasper Wireless’ growing ecosystem of diverse vertical solution providers, which offer a range of services that rely on M2M connectivity and are field proven with respect to integration with Control Center. Operators can leverage the best practices proven by such solutions, reducing the time-to-market and increasing effectiveness in a specific industry vertical.

Shawn Welsh, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Telular, a Jasper ecosystem solution provider, comments on the benefits of the program:
Telular is pleased to be part of the M2M Catalyst program. Our SkyBitz, TankLink and Telguard solutions can help operators move quickly into the growing asset and security monitoring verticals with feature-rich M2M services.” Telular (NASDAQ: WRLS) represents several vertical solution providers including SkyBitz – transportation trailer tracking, TankLink – tank level monitoring and Telguard – intrusion and fire systems monitoring.

Pat Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint, also a Jasper ecosystem partner, explains that:
as the largest network of independently owned electric vehicle charging stations, ChargePoint is eager to work with Jasper’s partner operators to enhance electric vehicle charging solutions with M2M connectivity and associated cloud based services.

Macario Namie, Vice President, Marketing at Jasper Wireless, said:

“For the mobile operator, speed is the key. Time-to-market, first-mover advantage, market leadership, they all come down to the same thing – having the agility to be able to launch, monetize and manage the innovative services that can open up new emerging vertical market opportunities. The M2M Catalyst program not only provides tools and support for setting up and growing an M2M business, but is an opportunity for operators to tap into best practices from around the world, so that they get the competitive edge by accelerating their own time-to-market.”

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