VDC Research Predicts M2M Market to Exceed $25B by 2016

VDC Research Predicts M2M Market to Exceed $25B by 2016

M2M Research Firm Releases Data that Supports the Growing Importance of Connectivity, Data Analysis and Security as a Competitive Advantage.

VDC Research has forecasted the M2M and embedded device market is about to experience explosive growth, growing from $1.4B in 2011 to $25.9 B in 2016. 76% of OEMs believe M2M will help their customers increase revenues and 73% of OEMs say M2M is increasingly cited by their management as critical to the future success of their organization, and 66% of OEMs report that M2M requirements are driving them toward greater use of integrated, turnkey solutions, according to VDC.

While reviewing results from a recent survey of engineering leaders, Mitch Solomon, VDC’s CEO remarked:

“There isn’t a product on the market today that in the future won’t have a service component enabled by M2M. At VDC, we are thinking about near term M2M opportunities that connect one technology to another, enabling new features and benefits.”

But what has us really excited is the opportunity created by connecting the limitless array of unintelligent objects and products that comprise the physical world. We see a future where a pet food company sells technology-enabled alerts that automatically deliver a new supply of cat food with its products, where drywall is sold with built-in sensors and services that enable better building management and security, where luggage retailers sell learning-luggage that reminds its owner what to pack. The future of M2M is about animating this limitless array of previously lifeless objects, which will result in incredible opportunities for entrepreneurial companies.

About VDC Research
VDC Research is the leading M2M-focused market intelligence firm that provides engineering leaders and technology suppliers with research-driven insights to help guide their product development and technology strategies. Based on a unique blend of quantitative and qualitative analysis that offer granularity and breadth of coverage, VDC is organized around four practice areas, each with its own focused area of coverage. Together, they enable a unique 360-degree perspective of the opportunities and challenges resulting from The Internet of Things and M2M. For more information visit: www.vdcresearch.com

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