InterDigital Triggers Tipping Point in Machine-to-Machine with Fully Standards-Based M2M Platform

InterDigital Triggers Tipping Point in Machine-to-Machine with Fully Standards-Based M2M Platform

InterDigital M2M Service Delivery Platform Highlights Full Compliance with ETSI, CoAP and HTTP as well as Interoperability with Legacy M2M Service Platforms to Drive Down Costs, Engage Broader Value Chain, Enable Explosive Growth.

InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC), a wireless research and development company, today announced the availability of a fully standards-compliant M2M solution. InterDigital’s successful delivery of a fully standards-based solution — the result of many years of research and collaboration with major standards bodies — is designed to drive the cost savings, ease of deployment and broad adoption that characterizes the transition to standards-based solutions in most technology families.

InterDigital’s solution is based on a simple perception: that the tipping point in growth of M2M and IoT will not come from increasing adoption of the expensive, proprietary solutions that are challenging to deploy. Rather, we see that explosion being fueled by an entirely standards-based approach that can engage the broader electronics supply chain, drive ease of deployment and foster collaboration between verticals that are currently siloed by proprietary approaches. Our M2M Service Delivery Platform provides operators, service providers and other wireless players with a platform for triggering that broader adoption,” said Allen Proithis, Executive Vice President, InterDigital Solutions.

InterDigital’s M2M Service Delivery Platform (M2MSDP) provides a single service delivery solution for all verticals, as well as interoperability between verticals — for example, healthcare and transportation, or security and asset tracking — opening the door to new, value-added applications. The M2MSDP provides a standard M2M/IoT middleware solution with common Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for scalable and horizontal M2M/IoT services. The platform also provides operators with a path to monetization while ensuring a standards-based solution that can be a podium for explosive growth.

Sam Lucero, Senior Principal Analyst, M2M & Connected Devices, IHS, states:

“The M2M market is growing rapidly, and the development of service layer standards will enhance this growth even further.”

As we discuss in our recent report, Cellular M2M Platform Software – World – 2012, service layer standards will provide several key benefits, including simplifying application development and operation, facilitating interconnectivity between third-party applications and reducing overall costs. Consequently, IHS regards service layer standards to be a crucial factor in the evolution of the M2M market to the full Internet of Things.

InterDigital’s M2M Service Delivery Platform is being featured at the company’s booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hall 7, Stand 7G111.

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