Numerex and Cascade Engineering Partner to Provide an Asset Management Solution for the Solid Waste Market

Numerex and Cascade Engineering Partner to Provide an Asset Management Solution for the Solid Waste Market

Numerex Corp, a leading provider of on demand and interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) enterprise solutions, and Cascade Engineering, a global manufacturer serving a wide diversity of markets including transportation, solid waste & recycling, furniture, material handling, consumer products, and renewable energy announced today their collaboration for the development and implementation of an asset management solution for the solid waste and recycling market.

The X-Tracker provides geographic visibility, tracking, and management of remote assets, such as roll-offs, used in the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste. This is accomplished through the combination of Numerex’s supply chain management solution including smart devices, intelligent network services and application framework built around Numerex FAST®, the Company’s Service Delivery Platform, and Cascade Engineering’s Xtreme RFID business’ expertise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of rugged RFID tags that meet the stringent requirements of the solid waste industry.

Our partnership with Numerex reflects our focus on integrated solutions and full system approach to the waste and recycling market,” said Mike Lewis, leader of Cascade’s Xtreme RFID business.

“Through this innovative asset tracking solution, we not only collect data, but also provide related in-depth analysis in order to efficiently guide our customers’ decisions.”

Detailed information and a wide range of metrics around utilization of the asset are supplied through use of the X-Tracker product. Data collected includes dwell times; asset movement, patterns and cycle loop times; real-time asset location and expected movement patterns. In addition, customers have access to tools that support long-life device management and a flexible system configuration to match enterprise business rules, metrics and management.

Cascade’s commitment to deploying a comprehensive suite of products and services resonates well with our end-to-end strategy,” said Jeff Newman, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Numerex.
Our new supply chain management solution goes way beyond periodical asset location. The insight and metrics that it provides allow customers to create value added services while improving the productivity of their assets. This is both a revenue generating and cost saving proposition.

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