Symphony Teleca Launches Smart Machines Platform for Faster Creation and Deployment of M2M Applications

Symphony Teleca Launches Smart Machines Platform for Faster Creation and Deployment of M2M Applications

The ETSI TC standard based Smart Machines Platform helps businesses accelerate development and deployment of cost effective and reliable M2M applications.

Symphony Teleca Corporation, the services organization dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices, today announced the launch of their Smart Machines Platform to help businesses accelerate the development and deployment of ETSI TC Machine-to-Machine (M2M) standard based applications.

Symphony Teleca offers solutions across the entire M2M ecosystem comprising intelligent M2M devices, M2M gateways, connectivity solutions, service delivery and application development platforms, applications, analytics, and hosted services across all major verticals requiring smart machines connectivity.

The Symphony Teleca Smart Machines Platform, an application development platform based on ETSI TC standards, helps M2M OEMs and ISVs accelerate their time to market through a standard based and easy customizable solutions. The Smart Machines Platform architecture features a set of re-usable components and functionality thus significantly reducing cost for new deployments. It provides a ready-to-go, horizontal solution for deployment in any vertical market requiring M2M applications. The Smart Machines Platform middleware integrates on top of the platform layer and is segment and middleware-agnostic.

The Smart Machine Platform features the following:

  • Core M2M building blocks
  • Open device support
  • Advanced business logic
  • APIs for accelerated application development
  • Scalable cloud service

Symphony Teleca is working with key ecosystem partners, comprising Tier 1 silicon suppliers, M2M device vendors, SDP vendors and operators. The company’s customers include OEMs, operators and solution providers. Symphony Teleca helps customers from initial concept design to commercial product launch and product sustenance. It offers ecosystem partners’ development communities an M2M Software Development Kit (SDK) for devices and gateways.

Symphony Teleca’s Smart Machines Platform solution helps businesses to earn higher average revenue per device,” said Sandip Ranjhan, Senior Vice President, Embedded & Telecom Business Unit, MCD Division, Symphony Teleca.

It is the ideal solution for M2M applications in segments like fleet management, energy, telecom, industrial automation, retail, smart home automation, healthcare, smart building automation and vehicle telematics.

Benoît Jouffrey, M2M Value Added Services Vice President at Gemalto, said:

“Symphony Teleca has clearly demonstrated their system integration and application development capabilities while working closely with our SensorLogic application enabling platform. The Symphony Teleca Smart Machines Platform provides a powerful tool to instantly develop a huge range of applications in the fast moving M2M ecosystem.”

Symphony Teleca is the strategic partner of choice for helping customers in M2M solutions enablement providing system integration, development, maintenance, sustenance and support services. Using the company’s portfolio of common M2M function components, enables customers to reduce development cycles and accelerates time to revenue. The company is also a strategic partner for deployment of M2M solutions using Public/Private cloud, WiMax, 2.5G, 3G and LTE/4G networks.

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