Commercial Telematics Subscriptions for the Bus and Coach Segment to Nearly Triple to 0.61 million by 2018

Commercial Telematics Subscriptions for the Bus and Coach Segment to Nearly Triple to 0.61 million by 2018

Global telematics subscriptions for the bus and coach segment are expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 23% from 0.22 million in 2013 to 0.61 million in 2018.

ABI Research, VP and practice director Dominique Bonte, says:

“While public transportation is forecast to remain a subset of the much larger commercial telematics space, it presents opportunities for companies to extend and customize current offerings to open up this market. Typical requirements include driver behavior monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring and efficiency improvement, passenger information systems and improved customer service, and claims and complaints management.”

Commercial telematics technology for public transport is also closely linked to the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and, by extension, smart cities of which it is an important component. Local, national, federal, and regional governments are key stakeholders in promoting the use of telematics to make public transport safer, easier to use, and more environmentally friendly.

Commercial telematics for public transport is still an emerging commercial telematics segment with a relatively limited ecosystem. However, some markets are already reaching a mature state, with Mix Telematics and GreenRoad being leading providers in the United Kingdom, and specialized vendors of real-time passenger information systems finding a quickly developing market in the US, currently mainly focused on school buses. Daimler has made inroads into the bus and coach segment with its factory-installed and smartphone-enabled Fleetboard version for buses.

ABI Research’s new “Commercial Telematics in Public Transportation” study highlights the drivers and inhibitors around the commercial telematics in public transport market, outlining the revenue potential and the companies currently leading the way in this space. Forecasts are provided for commercial telematics installed base, shipments, and revenues for each major region.

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