Lucid Logistics Places Order for 20,000 GPS All-Satellite Modems

To Begin Immediate Deployment of MRM/M2M Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solutions.

Lucid Logistics has placed an order for 20,000 GPS All-Satellite Modems from Quake Global™, the leading manufacturer of modems for Mobile Resource Management.

LL has purchased the most recent release of the Quake™ modem to embed the fastest and most cutting edge technology available in today’s MRM market. This sizeable order from Quake™ is meant to fulfill the current backlog and pipeline of Lucid orders for the LL AMS-500i. Customer and reseller shipments will begin within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Cliff Henley , CEO of Lucid Logistics, stated:

“Having an all-satellite solution collecting, parsing, and securely delivering mission critical and/or time sensitive data, all within a few seconds, is an obvious game changer. The sheer speed of this next generation (AIC) technology is a milestone the entire industry is striving to reach; hence the reason for the size of the order.”

Kudos to the LL engineering and development teams for proving it can be done with absolute consistency around the clock.

The LL AMS-500i integrates with the LL Asset Information Center, (AIC), the browser based portal optimized for both PC and Mobile computing platforms. The AIC is architected to provide speed and accurate business intelligence far beyond anything available in the market today.

The cutting edge technology created by Lucid Logistics is incredible,” said Polina Braunstein , CEO of Quake Global.

We are delighted to have LL utilize the QPRO for these applications, and look forward to the advances this powerful innovation will create for MRM on a global scale.

Comprised of a seasoned team of industry professionals, LL provides cutting edge solutions with global on-ground support for use in vertical markets worldwide, including: Oil & Gas, Mining & Heavy Equipment, SCADA & Fixed Assets, Logistics, Government, & NGOs. This rugged 100% all-satellite asset tracking solution delivers the fastest near real-time business intelligence via the only meshed satellite network in the world, without fail.

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