FreeWave Announces New, Lower Priced Additions To Its Award-Winning MM2 Family Of Wireless Data Radios

FreeWave Announces New, Lower Priced Additions To Its Award-Winning MM2 Family Of Wireless Data Radios

FreeWave Technologies’ OEM partners now can take advantage of a new suite of radios for M2M communications that offer the same benefits at a lower price.

FreeWave Technologies, manufacturer of the most reliable, high-performance spread spectrum and licensed radios for critical data transmission, has added a lower price point option to its award-winning MM2 family of radios. The new suite of radios gives OEM partners a more affordable option with the same reliability and performance that FreeWave’s customers have trusted for 20 years. Additions to the MM2 family include the MM2 LT, GXM-LT14 and GXM-LT24. The new radios are ideal for applications in the electric power, precision agriculture, water/wastewater and automated vehicle location markets.

Our product development team has worked hard to refine the engineering of our MM2 solutions so that we can offer the option of a lower price point,” said Ashish Sharma , chief marketing officer at FreeWave.

“The new suite of MM2 solutions features the same small footprint and lightweight framework as our existing MM2 family making it ideal for applications requiring compact and modular design. The tiny form factor is perfect for installations where small size and weight are required and dependable performance is vital.”

Like its predecessors, the new MM2 radios weigh in at a mere 14 grams with a size of 1.4 inches high by 2.0 inches wide and offer the same long-range ability, versatility and security features for which the MM2 family is known. They are especially suited for narrowband sensor applications. A single radio can operate simultaneously as a master, slave, repeater or slave/repeater and offers superior link performance in high-interference environments. The MM2-LT and GXM-LT radios feature secure data transmission, with the option of AES encryption.

Pricing of the MM2-LT and GXM-LT radios is based on quantity of unit volume and is less than $200 for orders of 500+.

We are excited to offer our OEM partners a new price point for the MM2 family of radios,” added Sharma.
Through continued design and performance improvements, we aim to lead the industry in the most versatile portfolio of wireless data radios for M2M applications.

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