Breakthrough Life360 Feature Leverages Locaid to Allow Users to Keep Tabs on Family Members – via Smartphones and Feature Phones – for Free

Breakthrough Life360 Feature Leverages Locaid to Allow Users to Keep Tabs on Family Members - via Smartphones and Feature Phones - for Free

Free Location Lookups Can Help 30 Million Life360 Customers Track Loved Ones.

Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service Platform, today announced that Life360, the leading safety application for families, is now using Locaid to power a groundbreaking new feature.

A new function now allows Life360’s 30 million customers to locate family members or loved ones on any mobile device at no added charge – up to five times per month. Life360 enables families to keep in touch by delivering location and security features for smartphones and feature phones alike – an industry first.

Although smartphones garner most of the press in the mobile market, the vast majority of mobile phone users still carry feature phones, which comprise nearly two-thirds of total market share according to a 2012 report from leading analyst Gartner. Feature phones and tracking devices are widely used by parents to keep tabs on young children. Elderly family members, who don’t necessarily want or need the latest smartphone features, are also more likely to use feature phones and need to stay connected to family. Other family apps charge high monthly fees to activate devices for location or are limited to only smartphones. Life360 powers “the new family circle” by allowing location and security features for whatever device the user carries.

The Life360 application gets its breakthrough location capabilities from Locaid, the world’s largest and most reliable multi-source Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company. By leveraging Locaid’s massive device footprint, Life360 becomes the first mobile application to include non-smartphone location determination without monthly fees.

The new offer of five free location lookups per month demonstrates Life360’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with the best privacy-protected family safety application on the market:

Our customers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones,” said Chris Hulls, Co-Founder and CEO of Life360. “Locaid’s location solution not only gives us the widest reach to the most number of mobile phone users, but the ease of integration and great price allows us to offer our customers added value with this free, reliable service.”

Rip Gerber, President and CEO, Locaid, added:

“Locaid’s footprint extends to over 4.8 billion connected devices across the globe, including 404 million mobile devices, making it the largest provider of location data in the world,” added. That makes Locaid the ideal partner for Life360, with its rapidly growing customer base.”

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