ThingWorx and Numenta Partner to offer Next Generation Predictive Maintenance and Operations for the Connected World

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Partnership to fully integrate Numenta’s Grok action intelligence platform with the ThingWorx connected application platform

Partnership to fully integrate Numenta’s Grok action intelligence platform with the ThingWorx connected application platform.

ThingWorx™, the provider of the first application development platform for the connected world, and Numenta, a leading provider of solutions that help companies intelligently act on machine-generated data, today announced a partnership to create the next generation of tools for predictive maintenance. The companies will work together to deliver advanced maintenance solutions to enable organizations to fully leverage the troves of data being generated by their connected machinery to achieve maximum operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

The proliferation of devices and sensors creating machine-generated data yield enormous opportunity for automated predictive maintenance solutions. According to leading device and network companies such as Ericsson and Cisco, the number of connected devices and machines is expected to reach 50 billion devices by 2020. ARC Research estimates that predictive maintenance is a global $20 billion opportunity. To fully capitalize on this opportunity, ThingWorx and Numenta believe that a new generation of maintenance solutions are required that go beyond today’s batch-driven analytics approaches.

ThingWorx, which provides a powerful and flexible platform to rapidly deliver customizable applications and connected solutions, is architected for this explosion of devices and data across a range of industries. Numenta’s industry leading biologically inspired machine intelligence technology, called Grok, is designed to automatically analyze data generated by these connected devices to drive actionable predictions. Grok ingests data streams and can detect anomalous patterns in data streams that indicate, for example, when a machine is in an unusual state and might fail.

Our two companies bring a unique combination of assets to tackle problems in real-time predictive maintenance to help companies minimize or avoid downtime of mission critical systems and reduce maintenance costs,” said Rami Branitzky, Numenta CEO. “Grok capabilities—especially its continuous learning and automated modeling—are ideal for advanced, proactive monitoring of machinery that needs to have continuous uptime. Working closely with ThingWorx’s industry leading connected device platform and rapid development environment we are well positioned to help transform the predictive maintenance market.

Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of ThingWorx, said:
“ThingWorx is pleased to be able to offer plug-and-play access to the most innovative analytic framework in the market today.”

“Grok provides new capabilities for predictive maintenance applications. By integrating it into our platform we can eliminate the time-consuming process of data analysis and predictive modeling and provide customers in asset-intensive industries such as energy, oil and gas, healthcare, and manufacturing, and equipment OEMs, with the critical analysis and actions in order for them to operate more reliably and efficiently.”

“We are excited to be offering a solution that we believe will allow companies to truly predict machine behavior, which will enable a step change in efficiency.”

As part of their collaboration, Grok has been certified as ThingWorx Ready™ and will be pre-integrated with the ThingWorx rapid application development platform. Further information on the combined predictive maintenance solution will be on display at the upcoming Field Service USA event, as well as during a live webcast on April 24, 2013, “Smarter Services: The Future of Connected Products Today.

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