Belkin Unveils Echo Sensor Technology for Intelligent Use of Water, Energy and Natural Gas Resources

Belkin Unveils Echo Sensor Technology for Intelligent Use of Water, Energy and Natural Gas Resources

HydroPoint Data Systems Partners with Belkin Echo Water for Smart Water Management; Department of Defense Selects Belkin Echo Electricity for Military Installation Demonstration.

Belkin, a trusted leader of technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments, today introduced Echo, an advanced sensor technology system for buildings that analyzes the use of water, electricity and natural gas to reduce waste. Designed initially for utility companies and facility managers, the system assesses how resources are used on a device-by-device basis and recommends savings options. With Echo, homeowners and building administrators can manage their use of electricity and water more efficiently and significantly reduce cost, whether it’s for a single building or multiple buildings.

Belkin Echo, water leak detectionThe solution, initially comprised of Echo Water and Echo Electricity, is a natural progression of Belkin’s networking and connectivity expertise, expanding on products such as the Conserve power management range, and WeMo home control. Built on WeMo’s wireless platform, Echo employs a single sensor, coupled with advanced signal processing algorithms that enable automated, real-time device-by-device resources management throughout a building.

Echo is one of the most advanced examples of Internet of Things technology launched to date. The Internet of Things, also known as the “third wave of computing” following on the invention of computers and then the Internet, is a growing global system of wireless sensors and control devices connected via the Internet. Echo is based on technology licensed from the University of Washington and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

HydroPoint Data Systems and Belkin Echo Water Announce Partnership

Two market leading innovators, Belkin and HydroPoint Data Systems, have entered into a partnership to create compelling new solutions for the indoor water management marketplace. Bringing proven, reliable water savings and technologies to residential and commercial markets since 2002, HydroPoint Data Systems has exclusive rights to integrate Belkin Echo Water with the HydroPoint 360° Smart Water Management Solutions, empowering homeowners and building managers to measure, monitor and manage water use with a remote, mobile and web-based interface.

“The opportunity to partner with Belkin expands HydroPoint’s commitment to deliver real-time visibility and validated water use metrics direct to enterprise customers, residential communities and water agencies,” said Chris Spain, president and CEO, HydroPoint.

“Our smart water management solutions quickly identify leaks and usage trends so consumers and businesses can reduce consumption, prevent water loss, and save money.”

Department of Defense Grant for Echo Electricity Demonstration

The Department of Defense (DoD) has selected Belkin Echo Electricity as a new project for its Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). The ESTCP announced 22 projects, selected from 468 proposals, to demonstrate emerging energy and water technologies on military installations through its Installation Energy Test Bed initiative. The initiative plays a key role in testing, evaluating and scaling up innovative new energy technologies to improve the department’s energy security and reduce its facility energy costs, which amount to nearly $4 billion per year. Echo Electricity will enable two test sites at DoD installations in the western United States to itemize technology use with a sensor installed at a building’s circuit breaker or meter panel. The sensor detects real-time current changes or broadband noise created by devices as they switch on or off or otherwise change state. Using machine-learning algorithms the system can analyze the amount of energy consumed to create reports and make data available to other systems for analysis or control.

“Clearly there is a huge opportunity for solutions that enable more efficient use of resources,” said Kevin Ashton, general manager, global product management for Belkin Business, a division of Belkin International.
“Our partnership with HydroPoint and the demonstration opportunity with the DoD are both strong testaments to the value Belkin Echo can deliver and will accelerate its market introduction and adoption. Homeowners and building managers will have a powerful new option to intelligently manage water, energy and natural gas usage, achieving optimal cost savings and positive environmental impacts.”

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