u-blox announces collaboration with Intel on dedicated HSPA module

u-blox announces collaboration with Intel on dedicated HSPA module

Intel’s XMM™ 6255 HSPA platform is the engine inside u-blox’ low-cost 3G-only module.

Swiss-based u-blox, a leading provider of wireless and positioning semiconductors, software and solutions, announced that the company is collaborating with Intel Corporation to bring a small, cost-effective 3G-only HSPA module to the market.

Based on Intel’s XMM™ 6255 HSPA modem platform, the chipset will be packaged in a compact, low-cost module that maintains layout compatibility with u-blox’ SARA 2G and LISA 3G module series. u-blox’ 2G-3G-4G nested design philosophy allows product designers to offer tailored solutions to their target markets based on a single PCB design. This facilitates product diversity and easy migration while keeping price at a minimum through reduced design, test, logistics and certification costs.

“As operators start to sunset their GSM/GPRS services, we have partnered with Intel to bring the cost of 3G connectivity down,” said Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President of u-blox America.
“For 3G-only M2M devices, our compact HSPA-only module, which is about the size of a quarter, is layout compatible with our popular SARA GSM/GPRS wireless module series. This is the perfect combination for the North American market.”
The modem supports full HSPA connectivity and low power consumption in an ultra-small form factor.

u-blox low-cost 3G only M2M module“The XMM™ 6255 platform is latest innovation by Intel and specifically designed for M2M,” said Horst Pratsch, head of product line modules and M2M at Intel Corporation.

“Integrating the 3G power amplifier in the transceiver delivers the smallest possible size and lowest number of components enabling new applications of 3G in machine-to-machine applications. Intel is pleased to work with u-blox in bringing this solution to the market.”

Based on Intel® X-GOLD™ 625 digital- and analog- baseband with integrated Power Management Unit and the Intel® SMARTi™ UE2p transceiver for 3G, the Intel® XMM™ 6255 platform is the smallest available HSPA modem chipset. Its compact size and powerful HSPA performance enables u-blox to create the world’s smallest dedicated 3G modem module dedicated to operation over 3G networks worldwide.

For more information about u-blox’ HSPA only module, contact the u-blox sales representative nearest you at info_us@u-blox.com or on our website at www.u-blox.com.

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