Fast Track your application development with Wyless and Lantronix

Fast Track your application development with Wyless and Lantronix

Wyless, the leading global M2M managed services provider, and Lantronix, the industry leader in secure communications solutions to connect and control any type of equipment via the Internet, today announced that they have signed an agreement to provide Wyless connectivity in Lantronix demonstration units beginning in June 2013.

Mak Manesh, VP of Product Management for Lantronix, said:
“We are pleased to partner with a leading M2M enterprise connectivity services provider such as Wyless. Our aggressive M2M roadmap provides for delivering robust cellular technology and turnkey solutions to our customers and this partnership is moving in the same direction.”
“With its solid global network, proven management platform and M2M expertise, the Wyless – Lantronix partnership should serve to kick-start our foray into the global cellular market.”

Shelby Noakes, VP Business Development, Americas, Wyless, said,

“This new partnership with Lantronix means we are now able to provide US and global connectivity and managed services to potential Lantronix customers who wish to rapidly develop and deploy their applications.”

The Lantronix customers will have 30 days of free data, access to Porthos™, a powerful management platform that provides real-time reporting and control over all devices connected to the network. In addition, they have access to our 24/7 3-tier customer support organisation.

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