ClearConnex and Maestro Wireless Build an Advanced Industrial Cellular Gateway

ClearConnex and Maestro Wireless Build an Advanced Industrial Cellular Gateway

Maestro Wireless, a Hong Kong based leading global supplier of M2M gateways and wireless industrial modems and ClearConnex, a RTP, North Carolina based wireless device software development company have joined forces yet again to build an advanced industrial cellular gateway by integrating ClearComm with the M2M Box Pro.

The Maestro M2M Box Pro is the only industrial gateway with the unique set of features including Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS485, 8 digital inputs, I2C, 4 Analog inputs, 4 digital outputs, two user-definable buttons, and a battery backup with 2000mAh battery. Adding ClearComm turns these hardware features into powerful tools that can be configured to suit any customer needs. ClearComm also provides the over the air protocol that allows the M2M Box Pro to connect to application server platforms like Axeda and Exosite.

ClearConnex’s skilled engineering team can customize ClearComm to start any customer application ahead of the competition. The solution may also be bundled with Wyless’s network services to give the M2M Box Pro and ClearComm access to the world’s largest network operator providing secure wireless device communications.

Ryan Rangel, President, ClearConnex, said:
“We can’t be more excited to work with Maestro again. The M2M Box Pro is an amazing industrial gateway that has many advanced features and with the addition of ClearComm customers are going to have great way to start ahead.”

Olivier Bernard, ­­­­­­­VP of Business Development, Maestro Wireless Solutions agreed:

“ClearComm is the most flexible and customizable device agent in the M2M market. That is why we felt it was important to bring the M2M Box Pro to market loaded with ClearComm. Paired with Wyless’s network, customers will have a worry free solution for their industrial gateway needs.”

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