Wi2Wi Introduces Industrial-Class WiFi-Micro-Controller System for M2M & Portable Device Markets

 Wi2Wi Introduces Industrial-Class WiFi-Micro-Controller System for M2M & Portable Device Markets

Wi2Wi Corporation, is pleased to introduce an Industrial-Class State-of-the-Art WiFi-Micro-Controller System.

Wi2Wi’s W2SW0012 is a high-performance, robust, secure, and cost-effective solution that provides simple Serial-to-WiFi connectivity to the Internet, for its core Industrial, Medical, Government, & Infrastructure markets.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Reza Ahy noted:

“W2SW0012 is a major product for Wi2Wi addressing new machine-to-machine (M2M) and portable device applications, complementary to our traditional markets.”

It is a Scalable System Platform initially as a Serial-WiFi solution, with expected future Software Releases (running on the powerful on-board Cortex3 micro-controller) providing additional functionalities going forward.

He added, “Serial-WiFi is expected to dramatically reduce the design time and complexity for our customers, enabling much faster time-to-market and deployments growth. This is another addition to the series of customer wins and product upgrades that we have been announcing, validating our position as an innovative player in the M2M and portable device applications space. We expect this trend to continue as we build our suite of products to address this growing market.

Chairman Dr. Hans Black stated:

“Wi2Wi continues to gain excellent market traction for its 3rd generation products, reflecting Wi2Wi’s in-depth understanding of market needs and providing the appropriate solutions. This is yet another innovative solution from Wi2Wi addressing the pent-up demand for wireless connectivity.”

Ideal for M2M and portable device applications worldwide, W2SW0012 provides low-power WiFi connectivity for any device with a serial interface. It is a complete wireless subsystem featuring full 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with serial interface through an on-board powerful Cortex-3 micro-controller, in a small form factor 25 mm x 25 mm module solution, operating over -30 to +85 °C. A significant percentage of the legacy machines and platforms currently in non-consumer markets mainly rely on a serial interface for connectivity. Wi2Wi’s W2SW0012 enables such devices with a simple serial interface to connect to the wireless network and thus to the LAN and the internet.

Wi2Wi’s W2SW0012 leverages best-in-class technologies from Marvell and includes State-of-the-Art WiFi-802.11n support up to 150Mbps bit rate over the air, WiFi-Direct for peer-to-peer connectivity, and Mobile Embedded Hotspot (MEH) enabling the platform to operate in the Access Point mode. Data transmissions are protected by WPA2™-certified security protocols, featuring full encryption algorithms. The on-board Micro-controller is a high-performance processor with significant on-chip memory, & rich input-output capabilities, enabling future added Software capabilities.

Wi2Wi’s W2SW0012 drastically reduces customers’ software development for WiFi connectivity. It is Operating-System Agnostic, and can be configured with simple commands. It includes a complete TCP/IP protocol stack on-board and supports both UDP & TCP connections. W2SW0012 will also come with the pre-certification for FCC, CE, and IC. These three value-adds substantially minimize the RF-know-how requirements, significantly simplifies software Integration into the OEM customers’ products, expected to substantially reduce time-to-market, and development cost.

Wi2Wi expects the W2SW0012 Engineering Samples and Evaluation Platforms to be available in the summer of 2013.

Wi2Wi has over 200 customers and a very large number of additional design activities for its recently announced 3rd generation products, expecting the W2SW0012 product family to further add new markets and applications for Wi2Wi solutions worldwide.

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