Mobily Selects NetComm Wireless to Supply M2M Devices

Mobily Selects NetComm Wireless to Supply M2M Devices

NetComm Wireless Limited today announced that it has entered into its second major M2M supply agreement with Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), a leading telecommunications service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The deal is expected to bolster vertical sector opportunities in the Middle East by enabling Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications over 3G networks as mobile penetration tops 100 per cent.

The phenomenal uptake of mobile broadband communications in the Middle East is fueled by the strong demand for wireless M2M communications across industry sectors such as utilities, oil and gas and transport and other businesses located in areas with limited access to fixed line (ADSL, cable, fibre) services. With new mobile subscriptions in the region growing by 44.1% annually, it is expected that there will be 352 million mobile subscriptions (Informa Telecoms & Media) and 119.7 million wireless M2M connections (Visiongain, 2011) by the end of 2016 as utility meters, vehicles, construction equipment and medical devices become connected.

Etisalat has secured a place in Machina Research’s M2M Leaderboard, a ranking of the top 20 global mobile network operators (MNOs) based on their expected revenue from mobile M2M in 2020, thereby gaining recognition as a world leader in M2M communications and a key driver of large-scale M2M growth throughout the Middle East.

David Stewart , CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless, said:

“This M2M supply deal builds on the success of our existing partnership with Mobily and we are pleased to work together to provide countless vertical sectors throughout the Kingdom with significant new opportunities by combining Mobily’s advanced broadband network capabilities with our innovative wireless M2M technologies.”

The rapid expansion of Mobily’s broadband networks, which cover most of the populated areas in the country, has led us to sign this agreement with NetComm Wireless to provide advanced solutions to cover many regions of the kingdom and to support and guarantee business continuity,” said Dr Marwan Al-Ahmadi , CEO, Mobily.

The Indoor Industrial Router with Voice seamlessly integrates with existing applications to provide undisrupted wireless speeds of up to 21Mbps over 3G networks; while also offering analogue telephone connectivity for complete landline replacement.

The Outdoor Industrial Router extends wireless M2M benefits to businesses located in weak or inconsistent 3G signal strength areas. Designed to create a far-reaching indoor and outdoor 300Mbps WiFi network, the IP67 rated Outdoor Router endures harsh environmental conditions and comes equipped with external 3G and WiFi antennas to ensure an optimal signal in remote regions.

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