Deutsche Telekom launches development kits for cloud-based M2M apps

Deutsche Telekom launches development kits for cloud-based M2M apps

Full kits include an Arduino board, GSM chip, M2M SIM card and access to developer platform | Relaunch of M2M Developer Community website with new functionality.

Deutsche Telekom is officially launching its M2M development kits for programmers looking to develop cloud-based machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The development kits consist of an Arduino or a Cinterion board with a GSM chip, a SIM card, and access to the M2M Developer Platform. The launch will coincide with the relaunch of the M2M Developer Community(, the portal for developing M2M products, solutions, and services. The portal also offers a procedural model illustrating steps during the development of M2M applications – from initial idea, requirements analysis and design to marketing.

Jürgen Hase, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Competence Center, says:

“For Deutsche Telekom the creativity emerging from a rapidly growing M2M developer community is an important building block in the development of the Internet of Things.”

The commitment to individual developers and M2M startups is a part of Deutsche Telekom’s partner strategy in the M2M growth sector, leading in the long term to tomorrow’s partners and solutions.
“The sheer diversity of uses for M2M creates challenges,” Hase says. “From technical concept to business model, entirely different requirements apply to a smart home solution than to a smart factory M2M solution.”

The M2M DevStarter developer kit bundles all tools required to get started with machine-to-machine communication. It comes with either an Arduino board or the Cinterion EGS5 kit that is designed for developing prototypes in industrial scenarios. Developers who already have the hardware required can order the M2M DevFlex kit. All sets include a SIM card complete with a six-month M2M data tariff and private access to the cloud-based M2M Developer Platform. The platform is supplied by Deutsche Telekom in cooperation with cloud specialist Cumulocity GmbH.

Since December 2012, M2M DevFree access has provided a taster of what lies ahead. On a public and shared level, programmers can test the M2M Developer platform free of charge, integrating up to ten devices. Private access will enable developers to manage an unlimited number of devices and users. Comprehensive documentation will also be available on the newly designed M2M Developer Community portal to support developers.

In addition to the development and testing platform, Deutsche Telekom will provide a production environment from September. Developers will be able to switch to the M2M DevPro offering and place their solution on the market. Furthermore, they will benefit from all of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M services such as global marketing of their products, solutions, and services via the M2M Marketplaceand the M2M Partner Portal.

Machine-to-Machine Communication is one of Deutsche Telekom’s strategic priorities. Deutsche Telekom positions itself as a provider of M2M solutions across all sectors of the economy and offers its customers end-to-end solutions, in close cooperation with its partners.

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